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Our mission is to provide everyone with high and useful reward for his/her trading, purchase and investment. Our goal is to make the cryptocurrency market grow faster. Our goal is to educate global citizens on the industry so they are not left behind during the next financial and technological.

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Welcome to Coin Launch Space – one of the most credible and fastest-growing crypto databases globally. After working for seven years in the global crypto industry, we identified a gap. No matter how much we searched for, there wasn’t a credible platform providing realistic and accurate information regarding crypto projects, especially those just launched. This was when we decided to take things into our own hands. Coin Launch Space was established to provide reliable information regarding IDO, ICO, IEO projects, crypto holdings, launchpads, funding sources, and influencers.

After some time, we took another revolutionary step by providing technically evaluated reviews for various sections of the global crypto industry, leading to the development of Coin Launch Space Score – a smart, reliable, and credible way to rank your favorite crypto projects, funds, launchpads, exchanges, influencers, and many more.

With a mission to provide transparent crypto-related information to crypto enthusiasts across the globe, Coin Launch Space is on its way to once again revolutionize crypto ranking and evaluation dynamics across the globe.

Our take on upcoming crypto projects
Our ranking algorithms consider several factors when evaluating future crypto projects. The overall impact of the project on the crypto industry, the team’s experience and track record, technological innovation, marketing strategy, timeline management etc.

Once a project is evaluated against the set criteria, the algorithm automatically assigns the project a rank and Coin Launch Space score so crypto enthusiasts can have realistic expectations from the project.

Keep yourself updated with the latest crypto news

What’s the one quality that keeps a crypto trader ahead of the competition? Well, based on our experience in the field, it all narrows down to how updated you are with the current crypto news and developments. Here are some means through which you can do that,

  • Telegram community channels/groups.
  • Reliable crypto-related news platforms such as CoinDesk, CryptoSlate, and CryptoTelegraph.
  • Actively participating in online crypto communities.
  • Being aware of upcoming crypto projects and launches.


Everyone loves something new in the crypto world, especially if the new project is backed by a prominent launchpad. But wait, how can you find out if a launchpad is reliable to invest in or not? This is where we come to the rescue!

Latest Crypto Projects

We are a big crypto library allowing access to comprehensive lists of token sales backed up by a detailed analysis and a one-of-a-kind rating system. You can also use our filter system to refine your ICO, IDO, and IEO search further from our provided list.


Accountability is important; even if the world of crypto is mostly decentralized, with more power in the hands of crypto holders than some financial institutes, it is important for you to know exactly what the funds-related analysis shows about your favorite tokens.


We all need some guidance when we are starting something new. As a crypto investor still unsure how and where to start, you might be following several crypto influencers and community leaders for better guidance.

Top 3 Benefits of ICO Investment

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High return potential with the appreciation of token value.

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Exposure to innovative technologies, often associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

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Inclusive accessibility for a diverse range of investors.