Pi Coin (PI) Price Prediction 2024- 2030

Pi Coin (PI) Price Prediction

The world of crypto is ever-expanding and touching new horizons of success with every passing year. This was infact a surprise for many crypto enthusiasts but new tokens are being uploaded on the blockchain on a daily basis now. So when so many new tokens are available to invest in, how can you actually tell which tokens will be worth it?

Well, we aim to help you with that decision by exploring the potential price fluctuations in some of the popular tokens as we all delve into the future. Today, we are discussing Pi Network also known as the Pi Token price prediction for the years 2024-2030.

Here’s the price breakdown

So as mentioned earlier, we are focusing on price prediction for the Pi Network token keeping the years 2024-2030 in mind. Here’s a brief overview with the relevant price breakdowns,

  • Many experts including us believe that by the end of 2024, Pi Coin will be able to hit the $35 per token mark.
  • If the ecosystem kept expanding at the current rate, the token could be worth around $60.
  • By the end of the decade, Pi Token could infact make some ripples in the global crypto ecosystem by hitting the $100 mark.

History of Pi Coin pricing

Many experts aren’t that confident when it comes to predicting the future Pi Coin price tag. Why? Well, the Pi Network is yet to be launched and all we have got for the time being is the Pi Network’s beta version. The mainnet is yet to be launched which is also the reason why Pi Coin is yet to reach its full financial potential in upcoming years.

Pi Coin surely has an interesting and as per some experts ‘revolutionary’ working model when compared to many other traditional crypto assets. The main idea behind the Pi Network was to allow its users to mine crypto tokens (Pi Tokens) by using their smartphones. This idea was a super hit among crypto enthusiasts across the globe as Pi Network was able to attain 30 million users at its peak.

Pi Coin was a success, investors were eager to invest in it, all that was left to do was to launch Pi Coin as one of the best upcoming ICOs. However, this is where things changed as the Pi Coin team allowed users to mine coins on a test net which were then transferred to the mainnet once it was launched. By doing this, Pi Coin has built a strong and loyal community around the token which ensures the success of the project once it is fully launched.

As you can already tell the Pi Coin Network is a user-centric platform which is why the Pi Team chose to incrementally half the user’s mining rewards as certain milestones were hit. This benefited the initial users who supported the platform in its early days while allocating a certain number of coins for each user up to the 100 million user mark.

Fast forwarding to the year 2023 when Pi Coin peaked as it made its way to popular global crypto exchanges like Biconomy, BitMart, SupeX, etc. The coin saw an exponential rise hitting the $292 per token mark in a very short time. But then came the market downfall as the token saw massive drops leading to the current base price of $22 per token.

Why is Pi Coin special in the first place?

At its peak, almost 40 million people owned a Pi Wallet with new coins being minted every single day. This automatically created a buzz in the market with the token prices reaching the $292 mark in a very short period of time.

Now, it has been quite a long since the Pi Coin hit such a price tag as the base price for the coin at the moment is around $22. But we can now confirm that as the main net is soon to be deployed, the Pi Coin is infact awaiting another massive price explosion. As per the whitepapers, the total supply of Pi can be calculated by combining total mining rewards, total referral rewards, and total developer rewards.

A few months ago, a number of crypto exchanges unofficially listed the coin in the form of IOUs. This led to the price soaring all the up to $300 per these fake tokens. Of course, the Pi Network team officially clarified that they haven’t listed the coin on any exchange yet but this whole event gave Investore a pretty solid idea regarding the possible price increase for the token once the main net is launched.

Pi Coin price prediction for the year 2024

At the moment, the Pi Coin price is around $22 per token with an all-time high of $225 per token before retracing. However, the goal and the main driving idea behind the token is something that has sparked massive interest within the crypto community around the globe. Pi Network is currently focused on creating a decentralized cryptocurrency smart contracts-focused network with miners acting as the main validators.

Everyone is still waiting for the mainnet to be fully launched. Till then, the coin’s current market valuation is expected to expand by a 20% growth rate which means that the potential number of Pi Network users can hit the 43.5 million mark with a total token supply reaching a massive 300 billion. That means, we can very well expect the token price to hit a $35 mark by the end of this year.

Pi Coin price prediction for the year 2025

By the start of the year 2025, we can expect more and more developers to contribute to the network and expand the current decentralization-focused network. From what we can tell about the global crypto landscape this can lead to massive price gains in a very short period of time.

With an expected 15% yearly increase, the number of users can expand up to 57.5 million people with a total token supply of around 395 billion. At the low end, the Pi Network token price can reach the $50 mark while reaching the $300 mark at the high end.

Pi Coin price prediction for the year 2030

By the year 2030, we can predict some very massive changes in the Pi Network as we are confident that by the year 2030, the Pi Network mainnet will be launched expanding the total number of active users to the 100 million users mark. This will result in a massive price explosion as the Pi Coin can potentially set new records.

When is Pi Coin expected to launch?

The anticipated launch date for Pi Coin is in 2024, although an exact date has not been confirmed. Speculation suggests that the launch could happen during the second quarter of the year 2024, between March and June. The Pi Network team announced their intention to commence the Open Mainnet phase via a blog post on December 27, 2023. This phase is expected to unleash the full capabilities of the Pi blockchain, although no specific launch date was provided.

Final Note

The global crypto industry is surely anticipating the launch of Pi Coin with millions of active users currently contributing to the mainnet before its launch. We have the Ethereum token example right in front of us and Pi Coin surely shares a lot of similarities to the Ethereum token launch which is a good thing in terms of future price predictions and possible impact on the global crypto market.