Expected Solana (SOL) Price Changes (2024-2030)


Multiple reliable indicators reveal that Solana will experience longer bullish trends in 2024, pushing SOL’s costs relatively up. For example, Solana coin’s value rose by over 10% in under 4 (four) weeks.

However, you must use a profit calculator to know the updated prices because Solana (SOL) is relatively volatile.

SOL’s Quick Facts 2024

  1. Solana’s abbreviation is SOL.
  2. SOL’s current price is USD 147.741.
  3. Solana depreciated by 0.03 percent on the last day.
  4. Crypto analysts rate SOL tokens at number 5.
  5. Solana’s cost soared by an estimated rate of 8.69 percent in the past week (7 days).
  6. SOL’s price surged by 12.90 percent in a month.

What Is Solana’s Current Market Cap?

Solana is the 5th best cryptocurrency today because it has an estimated market capability of USD68B (billion). Further, estimators say this token had a 24-hour trading volume of USD 1.7 B (billion).

Predicted SOL Prices 2025

According to certified predictors, SOL’s cost will start at USD 167.24 in January and then improve through subsequent months to USD 217.43. Similarly, this token’s maximum cost might shoot by 56.78 percent (%) to nearly USD 250.

Projected Solana’s Cost 2026

Here’s some positive news – SOL’s prices will favor many traders throughout 2026 due to increased demand for this cryptocurrency. A buyer must spend at least USD 219 in January or USD 310 in December 2026 to acquire this well-performing token.

Cryptocurrency analysts further predict that SOL’s max cost will grow to about USD 365 by the end of 2026.

Expected Solana (SOL) Prices 2027

Cryptocurrency wizards expect SOL prices to fluctuate between USD 331 (January) and USD 468 (December). Similarly, expect Solana’s highest price to vary between USD 379 and USD 538 if the demand and supply forces favor the traders.

Solana’s Cost Prediction 2028

Cost analysis and prediction show that SOL tokens might appreciate by 38.80 percent (%) before 2028 ends. Future SOL investors should know that Solana’s price will start at USD 485 in January and close at USD 673.56.

Solana (SOL) Value Estimation 2029

Crypto specialists’ early analysis reveals that SOL’s average cost will hit USD 1,436 in December. Unsurprisingly, SOL’s lowest price might skyrocket by a minimum rate of 43 percent (%) to USD 1,397, if their prediction is accurate.

SOL’s Cost Projection 2030

Future SOL buyers and sellers should know that Solana’s prices will range between USD 1009 (January) and USD 1436 (December) in 2030. Interestingly, SOL’s maximal prices will improve by around 42.33 percent (%) to USD 1660 within 12 months.

Solana (SOL) Cost Estimation 2033

Cryptocurrency experts confirmed that Solana’s price will range between USD 2950 and USD 3958 in 2030. Investors should anticipate this crypto’s maximum value to surge at a similar rate before 2033 ends.

5 Remarkable Crypto Platforms that Accept Solana (SOL) in 2024

Below is a verified list of noteworthy cryptocurrency apps and websites where you can trade Solana coins.

1 – Coinbase

Coinbase is a highly-rated cryptocurrency wallet with dApp that enhances its security and transparency. Additionally, the users can exchange over 100 cryptocurrencies for Solana coins to earn good revenue ultimately.

Interestingly, Coinbase’s two-factor authentication (2FA) warrants account security, encouraging traders to hold their Solana coins.

2 – CEX.IO

CEX.IO is the best website for all passionate American crypto traders, including beginners, because it has a user-oriented design. Secondly, CEX.IO accepts debit and credit cards to simplify deposits and withdrawals.

Additionally, this website allows personal and business accounts to enable users to trade ETH, BTC, and SOL coins.

3 – Kraken

Kraken is a simple digital wallet that offers 24-hour customer support online and offline. Secondly, this international crypto site supports noteworthy currencies like the Euro, Canadian and American dollar.

Advanced traders should consider Kraken because it levies budget-friendly transaction fees, warranting better revenue.

4 – Binance

You can use your phone number and email address to create a Binance account to trade SOL coins. More people like Binance because they can download it fast to their iOS or Android smartphones to trade immediately. Further, Binance has a referral program that SOL traders can leverage to earn enticing bonuses.

Lastly, this new crypto platform allows you to hold SOL coins to re-sell them a few months or years later when this token appreciates.

5 – KuCoin

KuCoin is a highly competitive digital wallet with relatively advanced security and trading features. Today, you can visit KuCoin’s website or download this crypto wallet’s app to trade SOL or other cryptocurrencies.

Beginners and advanced traders can use a bot to boost their profits because it can automate trading. Fortunately, you can use your credit or debit card to purchase SOL coins, courtesy of P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange.

Anticipated Solana (SOL) Price Fluctuations 2040

Professional crypto enthusiasts announced that Solana’s cost would be USD 6356 at the start of 2040 before soaring to USD 32,734 months later. Likewise, Solana’s highest price will quadruple to a new high of approximately USD 44,053 (over 200 percent increment).


Is Solana the best investment for ambitious crypto traders?

Yes, it is! Many cryptocurrency experts can confirm that this token is more scalable than other cryptos like Ethereum (ETH). Secondly, this token has a reasonable latency and quicker liquidation, making it a better cryptocurrency in 2024.

What is the Expected Cost of each SOL token in July 2024?

Cryptanalysts predict this cryptocurrency’s price might surpass USD 145 by 8th July 2024. These professionals attribute this 1.34 percent SOL cost change to increased demand for this crypto token.

How Much Will a SOL Coin Cost in December 2050?

Surprisingly, a Solana token’s price will hit over USD 60,000 by December 2050. Additionally, analysts opine that the SOL coin’s value will grow by approximately 150 percent (%) throughout that year (2050).

When Will Solana Coin’s Value Hit Over USD 30,000?

According to crypto wizards, the SOL token’s value will surpass USD 30,000 by January 2050. However, this cryptocurrency’s mean cost will exceed this amount in February when the impact of the bullish trend 


Predictors are optimistic that Solana’s prices will reach new levels because SOL has gained more global attention. Therefore, investors should acquire this cryptocurrency today to start earning good revenues. However, hoard your SOL coins during the bearish season lest you suffer unimaginable losses.