Best Bitcoin & Crypto Cloud Mining Sites in 2024

Is crypto mining still worth it in 2024?

Let’s come directly to the big question, is crypto mining still worth it in 2024? The answer is yes. Over the years, with the expansion of the blockchain on a global level, many new mining software and techniques have also surfaced effectively upgrading the whole mining process for the majority of the tokens. You can even rent out mining software using cloud mining software and enjoy the sweet benefits of crypto mining. But do remember one thing, there’s a finite amount of crypto that you can mine as crypto is not an infinite commodity that you can mine whenever or wherever you want.

What is Crypto Mining?

Wait, so you’ll have to mine crypto just like mining gold? Well, not quite in that sense, but yes, you need to mine crypto to acquire it. There are options available like buying already mined tokens but hardcore crypto fans know the thrill behind mining your own crypto.

Here’s how crypto mining actually works, the crypto miners act as a middleman between the blockchain and its users. A computer solves a series of complex computational and algorithmic problems which results in the validation and distribution of the transaction to the ledger, ensuring a secure log of transactions. As a reward, the miners receive new tokens.

How does Bitcoin mining work?

It has been quite some years since the whole ‘mining for Bitcoin’ campaign started and took over the global crypto market. In the past, you would usually require a super-powerful mining rig with high-end CPU and GPU components to be even included in the list of crypto miners having the actual potential for mining Bitcoin.

With the advancement in modern-day computer technology, things have considerably changed. You can easily rent out mining rigs from cloud-based mining solutions or you can simply upgrade your computer system to the extent that the CPU and GPU are able to withstand the mining load. Remember, only the miners who solve the puzzles first receive the block of Bitcoin. The current block reward is 6.25 BTC.

Now, let’s suppose you’re thinking about investing a considerable chunk of your money in this business. In that case, you can use an ASIC machine. These machines are specifically designed for Bitcoin mining without putting any substantial load on your system’s CPU and GPU. From what we know, all big mining companies around the globe today are using the ASIC machine to double their profits.

But this doesn’t mean that going solo doesn’t bring its rewards. Most of the miners today prefer to either go solo or join a Bitcoin mining pool where end rewards are divided among the miners as a result of their combined computing efforts.

Making crypto mining profitable!

So, till this point, one thing is quite clear, crypto mining is infact profitable. Now, the real question is, how to maintain this profitability level or even enhance it over time? Well, you can either go solo or join a Bitcoin mining pool, the choice is totally up to you. The only thing to focus on is mining Bitcoin efficiently. On average, a crypto mining machine itself is going to cost you around $2000.

This might be a bit surprising for you but as per the Digicominists Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, a single Bitcoin transaction requires 1449 kWh of power, almost equal to two months of household power. Now, you need cash for a mining machine, a place where you can set up your mining rig, and an area where electricity is available at an affordable rate. If everything checks out, you can easily earn profit from the traditional Bitcoin mining approach.

But you need to keep the mining pools in mind as well, more miners means that the chance of finding a Bitcoin block is going to be super rare. But as per JP Morgan’s 2022 report, the average cost of mining Bitcoin is around $12,000 per year, but a single Bitcoin block is going to reward you more than $130,000.

Benefits of Bitcoin Mining


As a Bitcoin miner, you’re not just looking for profits. In the broader perspective of things, you’re actually contributing to keeping a decentralized banking system afloat that is helping thousands of businesses and individuals across the globe. It’s more about contributing to the society.

Massive payouts

As mentioned earlier, a single block of Bitcoin is going to reward you around $130,000 with a yearly investment of just $12,000. This is what we mean by ‘massive payouts’ when it comes to mining Bitcoin.

Passive income

For people who are just starting their Bitcoin mining journey, things are going to be a little rough. You’ll have to set up everything from scratch while maintaining the efficiency of your system to earn profits. But once you have everything sorted out, Bitcoin mining is a great source of passive income generation with practically almost zero in-person involvement in the whole process.

Multiple expansion options

Once you have your mining setup up and running, you can expand it further as per your choice. You definitely reserve the right to integrate more mining rigs into your system, hence boosting your profit by many folds. Just keep the ‘efficiency’ component in mind while planning for an expansion.

Cost of mining crypto in 2024

In 2024, setting up a Bitcoin mining rig is definitely going to cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. On the lower end, you can use a Nividia RTX 3060 Ti which will cost you around $500. On the higher end, a Radeon RX 6800 is going to set you back around $1000. But that’s not all as you still need to include several other hardware components in your bill as well. Chances are, you’ll be going with a multi-GPU system, further boosting the overall bill.

Once the system specifications are finalized, now you need to consider the cost of electricity. States like North Dakota and Oklahoma are ideal as these states have some of the lowest average electricity rates. Don’t forget about including income tax that is definitely going to be imposed by the state in which you’re setting up everything.

Popular crypto mining apps to try

Both the App Store and Google Play Store are currently flooded with crypto-mining apps and games guaranteeing crypto-based rewards at the end of the day. Don’t fall for such unrealistic claims as to this very day, there isn’t a single mobile app-based alternative to the traditional Bitcoin mining approach.

Of course, some games reward you with crypto-based tokens, but you’ll have to play those games all day long, only ending up earning a few dollars at the end of the month. Consider the cost of charging your mobile device and these apps won’t look as appealing as they usually portray. But still, these apps and games surely provide a fun alternative to try when you’re still thinking about investing in this business on a broader scale.


Can crypto make me rich?

  • Of course, it can, the trick is to know exactly what you’re getting into and plan your investment strategies accordingly.

Can I mine crypto for free?

  • No, mining crypto is a time and asset-consuming process that requires you to invest your money and earn massive profits in return.

What is Bitcoin mining?

  • Just like every other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can be mined by using high-end software and systems that can solve complex mathematical and analytical problems to earn a block of Bitcoin as a reward.

Is Bitcoin mining legal?

  • Yes, Bitcoin mining is legal across many US states.

Can I mine crypto by playing games?

  • Unfortunately. No. The only valid way to mine Bitcoin is by using a Bitcoin mining rig which is way more complex than simply playing games on your mobile device.