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How We Select The Best Crypto Tokens To Buy?

The world of crypto is ever-changing with hundreds of new tokens surfacing daily. Some influencers also claim this might be the best time to become a crypto investor as long as you know when and where to invest.

Everything sounds so simple, right? But this is where things start to get interesting as most of these influencers will either encourage you to invest in their pump-and-dump token schemes or in potential crypto projects paying these influencers to build a community around the token.

Now, the question is, if doing your research is the only credible way of finding upcoming tokens that are going to be the next big thing, is there a platform that you can use to evaluate multiple crypto projects and their projected sales? Coin Launch Space offers you exactly this!

We are a crypto database containing detailed lists of existing and upcoming crypto projects, funds, and launchpads that you can invest in. Each entry in our database is thoroughly evaluated and ranked by using our very own evaluation criteria. The criteria are developed by our experts having more than 7 years of experience in the global crypto market with the inclusion of 80+ filtering parameters ensuring that everything is ranked and evaluated up to the most accurate estimates.

Plus, we have also developed our very own Coin Launch Space Score that can help you evaluate the current standings of a project and what this project is worth.

Let’s talk about some of the major factors we consider while evaluating a crypto project,

Whitepaper and documentation

As per the industry standards, each existing and upcoming crypto token releases a series of whitepapers and documentation thoroughly explaining crucial project dynamics such as the functional team, roadmap, objectives, etc. An ideal whitepaper is enough to gather all the necessary information required to make solid predictions growth of the project. At Coin Launch Space, thoroughly evaluating a project’s whitepapers and documentation is the first crucial step towards establishing the overall credibility of the project. The documentation also usually mentions the LinkedIn profile of each team member further helping us to evaluate the functional dynamics of a token.

Presale analysis

Presales campaigns are very popular these days with almost every other crypto enthusiast looking to become one of the primary investors in an upcoming crypto project. But why is that? Well, investing at such an early stage has its benefits.

First, you’ll be able to purchase tokens at a super-low price exclusive to pioneer investors. This means that even if the token fails to perform after its launch, you’ll still make a handsome profit from your investment.

Second, presales allow investors to get access to tokens before they are even launched on their respective launchpads. Third, these presales are a great way for developers to raise money before the official launch which provides exclusive benefits to the pioneer investors.

Now, not every crypto presale is worth investing in, that’s why Coin Launch Space thoroughly evaluates a token’s presale, the potential aim of the presale campaign, and whether there will be another presale in which you can participate as an investor.

Market capitalization

Whenever it comes to determining the actual value of a crypto token, there is only one parameter that can give a valid and accurate picture. Yes, we are talking about the token’s market capitalization, or in other words, how much real-world capital the token holds within the blockchain.

Of course, new tokens won’t have much share in the overall crypto market capital, but these new tokens must meet a standard capital threshold to attract potential investors. Coin Launch Space carefully gathers data regarding a coin’s market capital to give you a solid idea about the potential standings of the coin as compared to its date of launch making future predictions super easy.

Innovation and niche

As mentioned earlier, thousands of new crypto coins are launched every single day with every single one of them claiming to be the next big thing. But we all know only a couple of these tokens will prove to be actual ‘gems’. At Coin Launch Space, we identify these ‘gems’ by simply focusing on two core things from a technological perspective. What’s the actual niche of the token and whether or not the token is offering some level of innovation as compared to current crypto projects?

However, we do like to mention that meme coins have an exception in this regard as these coins are super popular among investors due to their high reward-risk ratio with a very short period during which massive profits can be made.

Are new cryptocurrencies a ‘good’ investment?

Yes, new cryptocurrencies are a ‘good’ investment, especially if you’re a crypto enthusiast still looking to make a prominent investment and earn massive profits. We can provide you with numerous reasons why new cryptocurrencies are such golden investment opportunities, but we believe that the following two reasons are going to impact a lot of people who are still quite not sure about investing in new crypto tokens,

New cryptocurrencies have massive price explosion potential as compared to already established coins. These coins are in their initial stages of launch offering investors to take part in presale events at an unbelievably low price for each token. This means, that even if the coin fails to perform well after its launch, you’ll still make massive profits off your initial investment.

Upcoming or recently launched cryptocurrencies also have massive expansion potential. These tokens have just entered the market with miles to go ahead in terms of market capital and expansion through prominent launchpads. As compared to these tokens, already established tokens do not offer any exciting expansion opportunities, thus limiting the inverter to a certain market capital

Guide to finding new Cryptocurrencies early

Finding new and credible crypto tokens is something that every crypto investor is looking for. But with so many crypto projects being launched every single day, how are you to do that? Well, from what we have gathered from our years of experience in the global crypto market, the following are some of the tested and most commonly utilized platforms for finding new crypto tokens that can be the next ‘big’ thing,

Credible Databases

Coin Launch Space is among the few credible crypto databases offering credible and evaluated information regarding all current and upcoming crypto projects. This makes everything super easy for you as credible databases do all the hard work for you by going through hundreds of whitepapers/databases and compiling a constantly upgrading list of crypto tokens with impressive market potential. While many crypto databases offer such services, Coin Launch Space leaps a few steps ahead and ranks every single crypto project with the help of the ‘Coin Launch Space Score’, utilizing more than 80 filtering parameters to create a solid score-based ranking system.

Discord/Telegram Channels

Both Discord and Telegram channels are a great source of extracting information regarding new crypto tokens based on user experiences and what the experts have to say. Most of these channels are regulated by crypto influencers and experts providing valuable insights regarding any upcoming changes in the world of crypto.


We don’t think we need to elaborate much about why YouTube is such an amazing platform to get new crypto token alerts. You can follow several crypto influencers and investors on the platform helping you to identify new tokens that are going to shake the market.

Launchpad’s Pre-Sale Events

Whether you got the chance to participate in the pre-sale event or not, make sure to attend the whole proceedings as many launchpads casually drop hints regarding upcoming crypto tokens and their pre-sale events.


Is there any topic in this world that doesn’t have its very own ‘subreddit’? We all know the answer is going to be ‘no’ in most cases. With more than 50 million daily active users, Reddit is an amazing platform to discuss upcoming global crypto market developments.