GameFi Projects and Gaming Coins: Ranked and Analyzed

The play-to-earn sector is making new records across the globe in terms of community numbers and active investors. Just think about it: you’re playing one of your favorite e-games and the rewards you earn during your epic battles and adventures can be cashed out as real-world money. Isn’t that amazing? GameFi projects hold this kind of transaction power converting your game rewards into a gaming coin with real-world value.

At Coin Launch Space, we decided to help you out once again and ranked some of the best GameFi projects and gaming coins for you to compare.

Stay ahead of the competition!

We all know that an early bird catches the worm, especially if you’re a crypto enthusiast looking to invest in upcoming tokens and projects. But wait a minute, how would you know whether a token will be worth something after its launch or will it be just another scam? Well, this is where Coin Launch Space comes to your rescue once again.

We have created a functional database based on all current and upcoming gaming tokens ranked and evaluated across a set of criteria. We know how important identifying new investment opportunities is for you, that’s why, our ranking criteria are based on more than 80 filtering parameters, making sure that you are getting the most credible results.

Are gaming coins even real?

Yes, gaming coins are real, and infact these coins are offering solutions for some prominent real-world problems in the gaming industry. Gaming coins are often used to make in-game transactions such as purchasing characters, weapons, skins, and subscriptions. But what’s unique about using gaming coins for transactions is that the ownership of these in-game items stays with the player, even if the game is no longer available to play.

Plus, some players also receive gaming coins that can be traded like many other crypto coins on any crypto exchange of your choice.

Investing in gaming coins at the right time

We can tell that you’re already fascinated with gaming coins and what a massive potential these coins hold to make in-game rewards real. So, what’s the right to invest in gaming coins, and how to do that?

Well, the right time will be the point where the fundraising is just about to start. But wait, doesn’t that mean investing in the coin way before its launch? Yes, that’s right, the only way to gain maximum profits is to invest way before the token is even launched. However, this is not something that can be done just because the game coin developers are promising to revolutionize the global e-gaming industry.

Investing in gaming coins at such a stage requires you to have comprehensive and credible knowledge about several factors that are going to influence the coin’s real-world functionality and possible worth. The best way to do so is to use a ranking database such as Coin Launch Space to compare new and upcoming GameFi projects and gaming coins before making an informed choice.

Are there any GameFi projects that can be categorized as ‘The Best of All Time’?

Several GameFi projects can be labeled as the best of all time in their respective categories. Aurora (AURY), MobileGo(MBG), and GuildFi (GF) hold the record for raising most funds during their pre-launch stages. InpulseX (IPX), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Altura (ALU) are top GameFi projects based on the ROI. If we take a look at the all-time high ROI records, The Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and InpulseX (IPX) hold the top positions.

Gaming ICO vs Gaming IDO: Making the right choice

  • ICOs for gaming tokens and other cryptocurrencies are launched/traded on project websites or specialized ICO platforms like CoinList or TokenSoft.
  • AML/KYC verification is mandatory for participants in ICOs, and despite the early entry opportunity, investors are not immune to fraud risks.
  • IDOs for gaming tokens and other cryptocurrencies use smart contracts on decentralized platforms, requiring a non-custodial crypto wallet without the need for AML/KYC verification.
  • In cases where IDOs happen on cryptocurrency launchpads like DAO Maker, identity verification is necessary for participation.
  • The use of smart contracts in IDOs reduces the likelihood of scams, providing investors with a more secure crowdfunding process.

Why are gaming coins created?

There are two main reasons behind the launch of a gaming token. First, the token is going to be used as an in-game digital currency required to make purchases as well as can be used to cash-out in-game rewards. The second is to use the token as a governance token having utility within the game.

Best ways to buy GameFi coins

You can choose a Decentralized Crypto Exchange (DEX) or a Centralized Crypto Exchange (CEX) to buy listed GameFi projects and gaming tokens.

Centralized exchanges, on the other hand, follow a traditional order book system and act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. These exchanges are more centralized as they are operated by a single entity.

Decentralized exchanges operate on blockchain networks and employ automated market maker (AMM) systems, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions through smart contracts. In a DEX, users have greater control over their funds and trade directly from their wallets.

Are there any risks associated with crypto gaming?

Yes, there are always risks associated with crypto gaming and other crypto tokens. The majority of the players sign up for the ‘play-to-earn’ games using real money, this means that they need a high return on their investment to be profitable. But remember, a higher reward means a higher risk and no one can predict a positive result.