Your Favorite Discord Influencers Ranked and Rated By Coin Launch Space!

As per credible reports, Discord has around 175 million active users per month, which is constantly increasing by many folds each year. But wait, isn’t Discord only used by e-sports enthusiasts and gaming streamers showing the world how good they are at a few games? Well, no, Discord is surely used by the global gaming community more prominently, but crypto enthusiasts are not very far behind in using the amazing streaming power of Discord servers to their advantage. More and more crypto influencers are now creating Discord servers acting as a communication source for the widespread transmission of the latest crypto news and changes in market trends. As Discord is impacting the global crypto community, we naturally have to rank and evaluate Discord servers for you because this is what Coin Launch Space does best.

Here’s how we rank Crypto Discord Servers

As Discord is actively used by millions of people across the globe, it is pretty natural to assume that there are thousands of crypto Discord servers active in the modern era. But remember, not all of these servers are providing you with valuable information regarding the changing crypto trends across the globe. Most of these servers facilitate many crypto pump-and-dump schemes without server members knowing anything about it. Coin Launch Space has updated its globally accessible database with a ranked and evaluated list of Discord servers and influencers to tackle this problem. Everything is ranked by following our strict evaluation criteria, based on more than 80 filtering parameters.

What exactly is a Discord server?

So a crypto Discord server is a crypto-focused community hosted by Discord and allows the server members to communicate about topics like changing crypto trends, price predictions, new tokens, NFTs, and much more. The server is usually packed with tons of customization options that make Dicord a unique and attractive communication platform for users across the globe. Moreover, the server can assign specific roles to the group members which surely come with additional benefits and special access to certain Discord features.

Benefits of joining a Discord crypto server

  1. Discord stands out as a crypto hub, attracting enthusiasts with diverse interests, spanning mining, NFT investing, Web3 games, blockchain technology, token sales, analytics, and more, creating a global space for crypto communities.
  2. With a plethora of real-time communication methods, Discord offers chat, voice, and video features, enabling instant and convenient connections among server members for seamless interaction.
  3. As an educational platform, Discord targets both beginners and intermediate participants in the crypto realm, offering a multitude of educational servers that cover fundamental blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge, trading advice, insights, and tips.
  4. Discord provides various customization options, allowing server owners and administrators to add a unique touch to their communication space. Users can customize the server’s appearance, moderate voice and video settings, and configure roles and permissions.
  5. Discord’s versatility extends to multiple integrations with other platforms. Initially designed for gamers, Discord servers seamlessly integrate with popular apps like YouTube, Patreon, Zapier, Twitch, and even Metamask. This integration streamlines information gathering and processing, eliminating the need for users to switch continuously between tabs and apps.

Do crypto signals Discord servers even work?

Yes, they do as crypto signals Discord servers are different from general trading servers. The signal servers are usually moderated by a group of professional crypto traders providing a solid framework including the time to open or close positions as well as places and the time stamp to buy a certain token.

Are Discord crypto pump servers legal?

Within the global crypto community, the Discord crypto pump servers are considered illegal and fraudulent. But as the global crypto market is itself unregulated, there are hardly any laws against such servers. The Discord crypto pump artificially creates demand for a dead or unwanted token leading to a pump in the token’s price which eventually leads to a dumb when a handful of principal investors sell the token at its highest price.

Which one is the most active Discord server?

It is always difficult to pinpoint a specific crypto Discord server that is most active and perfect for newbies. But based on our favorites, the AXION Crypto-Community Discord is surely one of the tops across the globe. The server provides every sort of crypto-related info as well as signals guide which makes it a perfect starting point for newbies crypto investors.

Here’s how you can find great Discord crypto servers

There are two ways of finding great Discord crypto servers on your own. First, you can conduct your research, talk to fellow crypto enthusiasts, and try out various Discord crypto servers on your own. The second way is to simply tally the Coin Launch Space Discord crypto servers list, compare various servers with one another, and select a handful of great servers to join.