Top 5 IGO Launchpads For Initial Game Offering 2024

IGO Launchpads serve as central locations for Initial Game Offerings (IGOs), gaming metaverses, P2E efforts, in-game resources, and marketplaces for exchanging NFTs related to gaming and the metaverse. They help developers get revenue from tokenized artwork and help them raise funds through crowdfunding for their projects.

Through IGOs, participants can be part of early-stage gaming projects when they’re released. The top 5 Initial Game Offering (IGO) launchpads are listed below.

1. Gamestarter


Gamestarter is a platform designed to improve the standard for independent game crowdfunding. The most noteworthy aspect of it is IGO insurance. However, in the event of launch failures or team errors, this offers 300K USD protection for all IGOs.

Its versatile metaverse provides an integrated game-testing environment together with fractionalized NFTs. Private NFT drops are available on every game island. However, there are also ongoing presents, leaderboards, and IGO whitelisting.

Gamestarter offers an advanced toolbox that includes the following.

  • Simple-to-use NFT marketplace within the game.
  • Audited Polygon, BSC, and ETH smart contracts.
  • Solutions for pooling liquidity.
  • Staking mechanisms for tokens/NFTs.
  • System for verifying Unity 3D games.

2. GameFi


Red Kite Launchpad is one of the biggest IGO launchpads in the ecosystem, and it brought GameFi to life. Recently, GameFi completed the Initial Game Offering (IGO) for Kaby Arena, a free-to-play NFT game. Participants can choose from a number of pools at IGO Launchpad GameFi, each of which has a different slot value from the others.

Noteworthy Features:

  • A single dashboard for accessing games and tracking yields and net valuations of gaming wealth is provided by a game aggregator.
  • Launchpad that is both chain-agnostic and game-specific.
  • Mini games
  • Auction company for fair and impartial bidding on unique NFTs.
  • Multi-chain gaming asset marketplace with yield-bearing potential.
  • Token owners of BSC and Polygon games can use the yield guild to fund P2W gameplays through scholarships or other artistic endeavors.
  • Protects user data by utilizing Solana.

3. Enjinstarter


Built on Enjin’s Jumpnet, Enjinstarter is an IGO Launchpad with a fascination for metaverses and blockchain gaming. The primary benefit of this IGO launchpad was the absence of gas prices for transactions and yield farms for game fields that used Defi and NFTs. The team is led by early adopters in the NFT and cryptocurrency gaming industries, as well as the CEO and CTO of Enjin, and has a wealth of experience in the gaming industry.

4. PlayPad


PlayPad is a completely transparent Initial Game Offering launchpad that works with Ethereum EVM for all cryptocurrency projects, no matter what blockchain they are on. It gives creators access to state-of-the-art funding infrastructure, income models, marketing tools, prize pools, and a token ecosystem.

One feature of PlayPad that makes it unique in the metaverse is iNFTs. iNFTs allow the value of NFTs to be multiplied by 100x. These are cutting-edge, generative, interactive, scalable, intelligent, and AI-powered.

5. Seedify


Seedify. fund is a decentralized incubator. Seedify has created four successful IGOs since its start in early 2021. With the popular blockchain network Elrond, IGOs can now issue their tokens. However, Elrond and Seedify Launchpad’s collaboration makes this possible. Furthermore, users of Seedify must lock in SFUND for each of the nine tiers, each of which has a different pool weight.


The success of the five IGO launchpads mentioned above, both in the present and the future, has demonstrated that the GameFi revolution is only getting started. Each launchpad has a unique way of managing its projects and operates on a separate platform’s tokens; investors and players are free to select the launchpad that suits their needs the best. It’s the right time to invest in GameFi otherwise it will be too late.