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Crypto presales analysis and whitelists are a great way to make informed investment choices in the world of crypto. But how can you tell that a presale analysis or a whitelist is free of any sort of biases towards the token and you’re getting accurate statistics? Well, for starters, you can consult the Coin Launch Space database where every presale and whitelist is further analyzed and ranked to show you the bigger picture.

Get updates on the latest presale statistics and whitelists

For many years now, crypto presale launches and whitelists have been a great way for an investor to predict the possible success of a newly launched token. You can invest and evaluate the token’s performance way before it is launched on public platforms.

However presales do limit the evaluation and possible ranking of a token as these are limited to a few investors. Not everyone is given the chance to invest in a token at a presale launch which further increases the risk of potential fraud or just another pump-and-dump scheme.

To be on the safe side, make sure to get updates from credible sources offering accurate predictions and statistics relevant to a newly launched token. If you decide to go with Coin Launch Space, we make sure that you can evaluate a presale listing or a whitelist through its Coin Launch Space Score. The score is evaluated for each token and is based on more than 80 parameters, filtering out the best investment opportunities for you.

What exactly is a token presale?

As the name already indicates, the token presale is the sale campaign for a token even before the official launch of the token on ICO, IDO, and IEO launchpads. However, these token presales are quite limited in their potential investment scopes as only a few investors get the opportunity to invest in a presale and evaluate a coin’s overall performance.

A presale usually starts around 4 to 9 weeks prior to the official release of the token and in most cases is a great way for the team to raise some funds for the grand launch in upcoming weeks. These presales also help the development team to test and debug any loose corners, evaluate market performance, and build a community around the token.

Whitelists in crypto projects: A brief guide

A whitelist is more like a specific list containing information regarding a number of individuals given a certain task or action to perform at an early stage of the token. These actions usually include,

  • Free distribution of the tokens, or in other words, airdroping tokens. A whitelist without the redemption of tokens
  • Guaranteed allocation to a project token sale ensures the ability to buy tokens in the very beginning following a specific amount or price. A whitelist with the redemption of tokens.
  • Providing access to testnets, exclusive token features, ambassador programs, etc.

Are whitelists and presales both the same?

The common ground between both whitelists and presales is the fact that both these tactics allow investors to purchase tokens before they are launched for the public. This allows the investors a greater chance to capitalize on their investments as well as helps the developers to raise funds before the launch. But in terms of how the process is carried out, both whitelists and presales are different.

The whitelist is more defined and focused on filtering out the best potential investors. As a result, a whitelist contains a finite list of investors authorized to participate in early bidding.

On the other hand, a presale allows an infinite number of investors to participate in the early bidding as long as the investors qualify to do so based on the set criteria.

What to expect after an ICO presale?

So, an ICO presale is basically a way of allowing potential investors to buy tokens weeks before the official launch. This allows the investors to participate in the sales early and capitalize on their investments while at the same time, the development team raises money for the project before the official launch.

The major advantage of investing at a presale level is the fact that you’ll be able to purchase the token at a lower rate than the actual launch rate. This means that even if the token doesn’t perform well, you’ll be able to earn the most profits.

Your guide to buying new crypto projects before listing!

Well, the best way to buy new crypto projects at a presale stage is to visit credible ICO, IEO, and IDO Launchpads. These launchpads are the official platforms ensuring seamless trading for investors. In some cases, you might be invited for a token presale live at the token’s website but that’s very unlikely as the investor’s funds are not that much secure on such platforms.

So, that leaves us with crypto launchpads that have infact become the go-to place for crypto investors across the globe. These launchpads often host presale events with a guaranteed token allocation while some launchpads use random token distribution mechanisms.

Fortunately, the right to participate in a token presale is not limited to exclusive investors, influencers, institutional investors, or early adapters alone as retail investors can also participate actively in such sessions. Make sure to stay updated with an upcoming presale event through the Coin Launch Space blogs and social media posts.

How to find the most updated crypto presale list?

  • One way is to go through all credible online platforms and communities while evaluating hundreds of documents to find the most updated crypto presale list.
  • The second way is to use the Coin Launch Space database and find the updated list of crypto presales thoroughly ranked and scored for you. You can use our database for validating crypto whitelists as well.