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X Influencers Ranked and Rated By Coin Launch Space!

Everyone loves to talk about almost everything on X, that’s the whole point of this social media platform. If you want to express your views on a topic or have valuable information to share with the world, X is the platform to use. According to credible sources, X hosts around 450 million monthly active users. All of this combined makes X a great place for influencers to build a community around their knowledge and expertise. As X’s crypto community is growing, we have thoroughly ranked prominent X crypto influencers for you to compare.

Our database is surely one of a kind

Coin Launch Space is on a mission, a mission to create a database that can rank every topic associated with the global crypto market. Our efforts to launch an X crypto influencer database are a continuation of our mission. Now, our X crypto influencer database lists prominent X influencers who are offering credible information and guiding crypto enthusiasts in their search of finding the next ‘big’ thing to invest in. Each influencer is ranked following our strict criteria which is based on more than 80 filtering parameters.

Here’s how you can find top X crypto influencers

Well, you can either check out multiple X crypto influencer profiles and choose the ones you find to your obvious liking, or you can follow a more credible and systematic approach by using the Coin Launch Space database. Simply search for your favorite X crypto influencer by using our database search feature and you’ll be able to get the Coin Launch Space score for the influencer giving you a solid idea about his/her credibility.

Our analysis criteria for ranking X crypto influencers

As mentioned earlier, we use an algorithm trained on our selection criteria which considers more than 80 variables before assigning a rank and Coin Launch Space Score to the influencer. Apart from this, each of our team members closely inspects the upgraded database from time to time keeping the latest crypto news and trends in mind.

Why X crypto community is so big?

X is an ‘open’ platform. There is neither any sort of censorship nor any restrictions regarding what you can say about anything. This is one of the major points why so many people across the globe are so invested in maintaining their X profiles. X crypto influencers often prefer X as the platform has a global reach and you can talk freely about your views on a particular topic.

What are some popular topics discussed by X crypto influencers?

There is as such no limit or special category that can define the crypto-related topics usually discussed by influencers on X. Price predictions, upcoming token launches, market evaluation, investment strategies, crypto signals, etc. are some of the popular topics discussed by X crypto influencers.

Who is the most popular crypto influencer on X?

Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, serves as the founder of Binance, one of the globe’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. A notable X influencer, CZ regularly shares updates and news related to the Binance ecosystem. Currently, CZ boasts an X following of 8.5 million.

Vitalik Buterin, the esteemed founder of the Ethereum network, holds the position of the second most well-known crypto influencer. With an X following of 4.8 million, Vitalik provides a go-to source for updates and insights on blockchain technology, the Ethereum platform, and its native cryptocurrency ETH.

X’s impact on the global crypto market

X holds immense power that can shape the global crypto market with a single tweet. Elon Musk’s tweets in favor of Dogecoin are a clear example of this. X is flooded with crypto enthusiasts from around the globe who are usually influenced by popular crypto influencers and celebrities. So when a celebrity or a popular influence tweets in favor of a crypto token, you should expect its price to skyrocket in the next few minutes at the very best.