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What do you think makes crypto traded trustworthy and credible? Well, for most people, the determining criteria will revolve around whether the trader is aware of current crypto projects or can make smart investments based on the available data. As a trader, this means that you’ll have to carry out extensive and precise research on an ongoing or upcoming crypto launchpad to build your credibility score. The Coin Launch Space score makes things super easy for you in this regard. We constantly rate and evaluate thousands of launchpad platforms across the globe to provide you with credible and super-accurate rating criteria.

Find the best crypto launchpads with us!

We get it; going through all the ongoing and upcoming launchpads is a pretty time-consuming process. But remember, it is important to do so to build credibility and confidence as a crypto investor.

Fortunately, we have got you covered in this regard. From our years of experience in analyzing various crypto markets across the globe, we have developed a launchpad rating system. Simply analyze the score obtained by each launchpad and compare it with your research to build realistic expectations and estimates.

The main reason behind developing the Coin Launch Space score rating system is to quantify the credibility, importance, relevance, and market impact of a crypto launchpad.

What exactly is a crypto launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that hosts multiple crypto and NFT projects. As you can already tell, the reputation and reach of the launchpad play a crucial role in determining whether the crypto or NFT project will attain a considerable reach or not.

These launchpads don’t simply host such projects but offer technical and marketing support as well.

The rising star of crypto launchpad projects

It is quite clear that crypto launchpad projects are reaching new heights of success with every passing day. From our experience, two things determine whether a crypto launchpad project will be a success or not,

  • The marketing performance of the project team.
  • The spotlight was enjoyed by the launchpad.

The first point is pretty much clear already. The success of a crypto project depends greatly on how the marketing team is doing its job. The same team is responsible for promoting the project as the next big thing.

The second point elaborates on a fact that is well-known among crypto investors and enthusiasts alike. If the crypto project is launched on a credible and widely-known launchpad, a considerable number of crypto investors are more likely to invest.

Our guide to finding the best launchpad

Track Record: Examine the launchpad’s history of past token sales to get an idea of its effectiveness. Also, it is a great idea to evaluate the ratio of tokens with positive and negative Return on Investment (ROI) to assess the launchpad’s selection and support capabilities.

Social Influence & Community: The size of the audience, engagement rate (ER), and other metrics provide insights into the platform’s marketing potential which are a great measure of determining the social influence and community impact

Staking Requirements: Many launchpads require participants to stake a specific amount of native tokens to qualify for token sale participation. Make sure that you fully understand the staking requirements as these requirements help assess the advantages and disadvantages of investing through a particular crypto launchpad.

Is there a crypto exchange that has the best launchpads?

The short answer will be yes, but even with the Coin Launch Space Score system to rank the launchpads and exchanges, we can’t specify a single crypto exchange having the best crypto launchpads. Popular exchanges like Binance, OKX, KuCoin, etc. all have their native launchpads to promote new crypto projects. The most prominent example of this is the Binance Launchpad introducing crypto projects like the Binance Coin, WazirX, and The Sandbox.

If we use the current positive ROI as the benchmark for deciding the performance of a launchpad, Binance Launchpad is surely leading the list with a track record of 94% of projects having a current positive ROI.

Launchpads are releasing their very own tokens!

That’s right, many launchpads are now launching their very own crypto tokens and NFT projects. But why is that? Well, the launching of new tokens and the revenue generated by these tokens in return contribute to the overall management of the launchpad ecosystem allowing the platform to expand over time and reach a much larger set of audience. If a native toke performs well and is offering incredible value to the token holders then such a token is indeed a great asset for the platform contributing to a massive increase in the platform’s credibility.

Is there any benefit of launching tokens on a top crypto launchpad?

Yes, there are as the whole point of launching tokens on a top crypto launchpad eliminate the time-consuming process of hosting and managing token sales. Plus, launchpads add more value to the token offering potential investors a stable ground to invest in.