All Active ICO, IEO, and IDO Token Sales: Everything Rated, Reviewed, and Analysed by Coin Launch Space

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We are proud to claim that our team always keeps an eye on changing crypto trends. We believe that the only way to become a reliable crypto investor is by having a platform by your side providing accurate and updated info for all ongoing ICO, IEO, and IDO token sales across the globe. With more than 80 crypto token filters, Coin Launch Space is going to be that platform for you.

Keep an eye on all ongoing ICO, IEO, and IDO token sales with us!

In the world of crypto, all that matters is if you’re jumping into the market at the right time to capitalize on an investment or not. This requires you to be thoroughly updated on the ever-changing crypto trends and what can be the next big thing in the crypto market.

But we get it, with hundreds of new crypto projects launching every single day, it can be a bit overwhelming and super time-consuming at times to go through all technical documentation and find the right projects. This is where our platform comes into the picture with a functional approach to rate, review, and analyze all ongoing ICO, IEO, and IDO token sales.

As an ultimate analytics platform, we believe in providing accurate and meaningful info to investors across the globe, aiding them in making the right investment choices. Be assured, that each of the crypto projects listed on our website is thoroughly evaluated across 80+ factors making sure that you’re getting precise and accurate estimations.

We also make sure that due mathematical analysis is also done to further quantify our project analysis. Plus, the development of the Coin Launch Space Score allows investors to compare, rank, and evaluate various ICO, IDO, and IEO token sales through a set standard.

Are any of the current ICO/IDO tokens fake?

Before we answer the question, it is important to keep in mind that every single day, hundreds of new crypto tokens emerge promising a ‘once in a lifetime’ investment opportunity to traders across the globe.

As per careful estimates, 56.80% of ICOs launched between the years 2014 and 2019 were subjected to scams, affecting about 65.8% of the market capitalization. As per the study conducted by Chain analysis in 2019, scams and frauds accounted for 2.1% of the overall market transactions equal to $11.5 billion.

This leads us to a point where it is better to approach a new token project with a bit of skepticism in mind. But make sure that you thoroughly investigate the project before putting in any amount.

Our guide to investing in ongoing ICO token sales

Team Evaluation: A crucial consideration in token sale assessment is the project team. Are they reputable with a proven track record? Do they possess relevant experience in the industry they aim to impact?

Technological Aspect: Another pivotal factor is the technology employed. Is it innovative and distinctive? Does it demonstrate a clear and practical use case? These questions are integral in understanding the project’s potential.

Token Sale Process: Upon identifying a promising token sale, the next step involves registering on the hosting platform, commonly a crypto launchpad. This entails creating an account, acquiring utility tokens of the platform, and actively participating in the ICO.

Registration and Allocation: If lucky enough, participants may secure an allocation, granting them the opportunity to purchase tokens at the initial and often more favorable price.

Determining the best ICO to invest in

The only way to determine the best ICO to invest in is by doing your research and evaluating certain success factors in a project. Here’s how you can do that,

  • Gather all the necessary data yourself and predict the success of the token based on that data alone. This is surely a time-consuming process with not that much efficiency contributing to the overall analysis.
  • In addition, it would be smart to discuss the project with an experienced trader or crypto enthusiast for a second opinion.

Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t have the time and patience to do something like this, we advise you to use platforms like Coin Launch Space where all ongoing ICO, IEO, and IDO tokens are thoroughly rated, reviewed, analyzed daily.

Is there a way to find current and trending ICOs/IDOs early?

Well, it is often said that the early bird catches the worm. Here’s how you can become that early bird in the world of crypto,

Make sure that you’re following trustworthy crypto news sources. Platforms like CoinTelegraph or CoinDesk are great examples of such platforms.

Be aware of social media and why a certain ICO, IDO, or IEO is trending on social media at the moment.

Join as many online communities as you can and take an active part in the discussion and evaluation of various projects.

Use credible launchpads for time and accurate evaluation of upcoming and ongoing projects.

Don’t be shy to use platforms that offer assistance to passionate crypto investors across the globe.

The best way to buy active ICO, IDO, or IEO

Well, now that you have selected the right crypto projects for you to invest in, how are toy going to buy active ICO, IDO, or IEO projects? Well, most of the tokens are up for sale via designated launchpads.

Once your launchpad selection is finalized, it is time to go through the token documentation, making yourself familiar with the token allocation mechanism, and minimum/maximum investment amounts.

If you’re sure about investing, make an account, wait for the round of the token sale, and pray to be lucky enough so you can participate in the purchase. Once everything is concluded, wait for the tokens to be transferred to your wallet.