Research-Based Chainlink (LINK) Cost Forecast (2024-2040)


Steve Ellis and Sergey Nazarov co-invented Chainlink (LINK) and added it to the cryptocurrency industry to tackle glaring reliability constraints. Surprisingly, traders can stake LINK tokens or use this digital coin as security in 2024. Additionally, traders can stake LINK tokens or use this digital coin as security in 2024.

Chainlink’s real-world assets (RWAs) endear this cryptocurrency to existing and new investors in the crypto market.

Undisclosed Facts About Chainlink (LINK) Token 2024

  1. Chainlink’s ticker symbol is LINK.
  2. LINK value soared by 0.31 percent (%) in the past hour (within 60 minutes).
  3. LINK’s price shrank by 5.61 percent (%) within the last 24 hours.
  4. LINK’s ATH value decreased by 74 percent (%).
  5. Chainlink (LINK) is the 15th-best cryptocurrency worldwide.
  6. LINK’s trading volume ballooned by over 65 percent (%) to USD 741M (million) in under 24 hours.
  7. Chainlink’s (LINK) circulation supply is at USD 1B (billion) as of June 2024.

5 Top-rated LINK Cryptocurrency Exchanges Available for Traders

Crypto clients should consider the below digital wallet for trading or storing LINK tokens this year.

1 – Kraken

Traders can deposit funds in their Kraken wallets from their bank account to purchase this cryptocurrency. Similarly, this crypto wallet processes multiple withdrawal requests in seconds, provided you have a stable internet connection.

Kraken is the best option for trading LINK coins because it supports diverse international currencies like the Euro and the United States Dollar (USD).

2 – Coinbase

Coinbase is a well-designed platform with essential features like a dashboard and alerts, making LINK trading worthwhile. Further, Coinbase’s 0.6 percent transaction fee makes buying and selling LINK more profitable.

3 – ByBit

New traders preferByBitfor tradingChainlink because they levy relatively low fees to entry-level account holders. Additionally, this crypto wallet is safe and does not experience server downtime.

Lastly, ByBit has a user-oriented interface with advanced features like charts and a comprehensive market depth.

4 – Binance

Binance allows traders to use Google Pay or a third-party payment option to purchase LINK coins at low transaction fees. Secondly, Binance has a multi-factor authentication requirement for all new users to protect their accounts.

5 – Kriptomat

New traders can purchase LINK coins in seconds after verifying their Kriptomataccount with their registered phone number and email address. Unlike other wallets, Kriptomat allows users to deposit money into their accounts using a credit card or a bank transfer.

Fortunately, this digital wallet acknowledges multiple online payment processors like Visa or MasterCard. Kriptomat is a dependable crypto exchange because it offers risk-free storage of all cryptocurrencies, including Chainlink (LINK).

Chainlink’s (LINK) RSI Reading Right Now

The above price analysis proves that LINK is on an impressive bullish trend, pushing the RSI past the average point. However, the bullish behavior will change at some point when overbuying reduces.

As a result, the price of each LINK token will shrink for a short duration until the bearish trend ends.

What’s Chainlink’s (LINK) market capability as of 2024?

Today, LINK’s market cap is at USD 8B (billion) and may rise if the demand for this token continues for the next few years.LINK’s trading volume for the last 24 hours (one day) has surged to 482M (million), thanks to the bullish sentiment.

Chainlink Cost Projection 2025

Crypto observers say that huge capitalize will trickle into the LINK ecosystem, leading to appreciation of this token. Increased demand for LINK coins will cause this digital token to rise to USD 62 in 2025. 

Expected LINK Value Change 2026

LINK’s price will increase to a new high of USD 80 because its demand will rise, though at a slower rate

Predicted Chainlink (LINK) Cost 2027

Unfortunately, LINK holders will book their profits in many months in 2027, triggering the depreciation of this token. Consequently, a LINK coin’s value will decrease to USD 38.50.

Forecasted Chainlink Price 2028

Increased adoption of LINK coin will cause a sudden surge in its price in the market. Therefore, traders should expect this crypto’s value to bounce back to a new high of USD 71.25.

Predicted LINK’s Price 2029

Tens of tycoons might splash their money in the cryptocurrency world in 2029, enabling LINK’s cost to reach USD 100. Increased trading volume will force more people to drop other cryptos for LINK coins, boosting their monetary value.

Forecasted LINK’s Value 2030

Crypto participants anticipate Chainlink coin’s price will soar to USD 112. Unfortunately, automatic price correction in a few consecutive months will prevent Chainlink from hitting the USD 120.

Expected Chainlink’s (LINK) Price 2040

Predictors anticipate that LIKN’s price might undergo a parabolic shift, resulting in the increase of this token’s value to USD 108.45. Similarly, LINK’s highest price will hit USD 135 before 2040 ends.

When will LINK’s Highest Price Hit USD 200 and Above?

Crypto predictors expect the LINK coin to reach a new all-time high (ATH) of USD 225 before 2050 ends. However, analysts are basing this prediction on the assumption that the demand for LINK coins will increase towards the end of 2049.

LINK price’s average cost will surpass USD 180 by September of the same year, courtesy of a bullish market trend.


  1. What is the current value of the Chainlink (LINK) coin?

According to many cryptocurrency wallets, a LINK token is about USD 13.805. Technically, this coin has appreciated by 0.44 percent in the past hour (60 minutes).

  1. Will LINK appreciate before 2024 ends?

Yes, it will! Analysts say that buyers are the ones determining the value of this cryptocurrency at the moment. As a result, LINK’s value might surge in the half of the year to a new AHT value.

  1. What will LINK’s lowest price be in mid-2050?

Chainlink’s value will skyrocket, particularly between 2048 and 2050- per certified crypto experts’ prediction. As a result, the minimum cost of each LINK coin might rise to USD 162.06, whereas the average price will surpass USD 180.

  1. When will the average price of a LINK token reach USD 100?

Chainlink (LINK) might overcome multiple regulatory challenges to exceed USD 100 before November 2040.


Believe it or not, LINK might top the list of the best ten (10) cryptocurrencies globally soon. Distinguished predictors opine that this token’s market and circulation supply will hit USD 1B (billion) in the next 20 to 30 years. Therefore, you should invest in this cryptocurrency when its price is below USD 20.