What is TapSwap?


TapSwap is currently stimulating massive interest and expectations with the imminent launch of its token, known as “TAPS.” Not only that, but you can start getting tokens before the official release of the app!
Despite the complicated and specific approach to the pricing model, TapSwap has started gaining a lot of attention due to its unique and beneficial positioning on the Solana blockchain.

TapSwap Token Model

TapSwap’s tokenomics are built around the TAPS token having a total circulating supply of one billion coins. The distribution is carefully designed to ensure the long-term success of the ecosystem:

Community Distribution: To incentivize the TAPS token, 50% of the 500 million TAPS are reserved for active traders, providers of liquidity, and platform participants.

Treasury: Out of 300 million TAPS, 30% is allocated for platforms, creativity, funding of projects, and marketing.

Team: The remaining 10% of the 100 million TAPS were locked, and were issued over four years to encourage the alignment with community interest for the development of the team and team founders.

Advisors, Marketing, and Liquidity: Out of the total 100 million TAPS, 10% will be dedicated to marketing and promotion, advisory roles, and, most importantly, increasing the stability of the currency to attract more investors.

This system is created to reward users, encourage involvement, and guarantee the platform’s long-term success.

What is TapSwap?

TapSwap is a decentralized finance application that has high efficiency as well as low fees for transactions. It’s as if you are in the jungle where you can also mine, stake, and even vote on certain issues regarding the platform’s future.

How does TapSwap Work?

TapSwap combines several features, including a Telegram bot for token mining, staking rewards, and decentralized governance to enable token holders to take part in profit distribution and decision-making processes.

TapSwap intends to engage users through activities like airdrops, mining incentives, and other rewards to develop a thriving community. Specific campaign details will be released soon.


The current main goal of TapSwap is to form partnerships throughout the DeFi and cryptocurrencies sector to enhance its ecosystem for token holders and drive the further development of the platform.

How to Withdraw TAPS Coins from TapSwap

From earning in-game currency to exchanging and withdrawing it for actual money, you can effectively handle your TAPS tokens. Here’s how you can do it:

Collect Coins: By tapping and finishing tasks, you can play the game and earn enough TAPS coins to accumulate.

Convert Coins to TAPS Tokens: You can convert coins into TAPS tokens once you have a sufficient number of tokens.

Connect Your Wallet: Make sure your TapSwap account and cryptocurrency wallet are connected.

Withdraw Tokens: Move the TAPS tokens to a cryptocurrency wallet that works with it. To confirm the transaction, follow the instructions provided by the TapSwap Telegram bot.

Exchange or Hold Tokens: After your TAPS tokens are in your wallet, you have the option to trade them on exchanges or to hold onto them.

Pay attention to any gas fees related to the transactions.

Upcoming Features of TapSwap

To improve its platform, TapSwap intends to add several intriguing features, including:
Swapping and Transfers: Users will be able to easily swap one cryptocurrency for another and perform on-chain transactions.

Staking: Users can receive incentives for supporting the network, verifying transactions, and holding particular coins.

Launchpad: TapSwap will hold token sales for young projects, offering a venue for creative ideas to generate capital.

Learning Center: Users will be able to gain knowledge on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and also stand a chance to win prizes upon undertaking quizzes and going through tutorials.

TapSwap Future

TapSwap’s community is expanding quickly with an emphasis on user engagement through interactive features and referral programs. The company also plans to work with major players in the gaming and cryptocurrency industries to improve the platform’s functionality and user base.