How to Find Discord Mods?

Guide To Find Discord Mods in 2024

Discord is a powerful communication channel in the 21st century where millions of people around the globe are active participants in Discord servers of their choice. These servers are specifically based on the industries and topics they are covering. However, the role of a Discord mod is quite defined and of great importance as the server’s long-term success depends upon it.

What exactly is a Discord mod?

In most cases, Discord mods are also the owners or creators of the server. As the community grows, the moderator has the right to utilize powerful Discord tools or even hire more Discord mods assigning specific tasks and sections of the server.

For example, a Discord mod of a crypto server usually acts as the intermediate communication channel between the token’s creators and the audience. The mod will supervise and moderate the Discord community while you work on your token. It is important to not confuse the role of a Discord mod with a Discord community manager at this point.

A Discord mod basically supervises the Discord community ensuring that it is fun and safe for all the members. How well the community is performing and how welcoming it is for new members are two crucial growth factors that depend upon your appointed Discord moderator.

A Discord community manager on the other hand is more concerned with the community’s growth as well as engagement. They mostly focus on building meaningful long-term relations with the community members, setting a streamlined marketing strategy growth, as well as creating reports related to the server’s growth especially when the Discord server is created by a business.

What is the actual role of a Discord mod?

The one specific role of a Discord mod is to make sure that every single community member is enjoying his/her time on the server and that the community is welcoming enough for any new member. Now, there are several ways through which Discord mods usually achieve such goals.

The mods are usually in control of moderating both conversations and content. Managing bots, inviting new members, deleting messages, suspending/banning violators, and ensuring that the server’s community guidelines are followed by everyone are some of the main tasks often supervised or performed by the Discord mod.

Are there any industries where Discord is popular?

Discord is motley associated with the gaming industry as most of the servers are built around live gameplay streamings, but things have started to change now as businesses and industries like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and fandom creators are also actively using Discord servers to communicate with their audience. Computer games, software, and entertainment are some of the top industries utilizing the potential of Discord servers in 2024.

Things to keep in mind if you’re looking for a good Discord mod for your server

  • Determine what are the key qualities that differentiate a good discord mod from a bad discord mod, and look for those qualities in potential candidates.
  • Register yourself on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and request the services of high-ranking mods.
  • Look for Discord mods in Discord as the platform itself is a great way of identifying good moderators.
  • Place an open call for Discord mods on your server and interview any potential candidates.

5 places where you can find Discord mods


Discord itself is a great way of finding new mods that have the potential to efficiently run your Discord server. The best way to do so is to go through popular servers that are similar to your server in terms of niche and look for any potential mod details for further contact. Identify some good mods, offer them an opportunity to work on your server, and finally negotiate a deal.



Fiverr is a great place to look for freelance Discord mods with the right skills and years of experience in moderating Discord servers. The platform also allows you to negotiate and finalize a deal with the mod once both parties agree on a mutual contract.



Just like Fiverr, Upwork is a global freelance hiring platform where you can find some of the most experienced and well-known Discord mods offering their valuable services.



Many job agencies across the US already have a list of dicord mods ready to be hired. You can easily evaluate these candidates based on their professional skills and experience as a Discord server mod.

Specific Sites

Apart from the above-mentioned sources, there are specific sites that act as a mediator between server owners and moderators. The site will facilitate both parties for a small commission.

Final Note

Discord is a super popular social media platform and a great way to communicate with people around the globe, especially if you’re a cryptocurrency-focused business in the 21st century. But remember, your Discord will be as good as your Discord mods, so take your time and find the right candidate.


What are the roles of Discord mods?

Managing bots, inviting new members, deleting messages, suspending/banning violators, and ensuring that the server’s community guidelines are followed by everyone are some of the main roles of Discord mods.

Are there any rules that Discord mods must follow?

Yes, the Discord mods must follow the server’s community and action guidelines set by both Discord and the creator/owner of the server.

What qualities should I look for in a Discord mod?

The moderator should be well aware of Discord’s community guidelines. Also, look for a mod who knows how to interact with the community members. Finally, the mod should use his/her powers and community control fairly without any bias.

How much Discord mods are paid on average?

The average pay of Discord mods varies depending upon the size of a community. On average, a moderator makes something between $1000 to $3000 with Glassdoor claiming the average annual salary of Discord mods on the higher side to be between $140,000 to $250,000 annually.

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