How to Sell Pi Coin in 2024?

How to Sell Pi Coins

Pi Network is a well-known cryptocurrency project that enables buyers to use their mobile devices to mine Pi coins for free. Because of the nature of the project, millions of people have mined a sizable quantity of Pi coins and are still determining where to sell them.

In this article, we’ll outline several ways to sell Pi coins in 2024. You can create an account on Binance in the meantime, as it will likely be one of the first platforms to feature the Pi coin when it eventually begins trading.

What Is Pi Coin?

The goal of the digital currency project Pi Coin is to enable regular people to mine cryptocurrencies through a smartphone application. This project, which was started by Stanford alumni in 2019, gained popularity due to its innovative approach to mining. This is not like other cryptocurrency types, like Bitcoin, which require expensive technology and high energy consumption. Users can mine Pi coins using their desktop computers or mobile phones.

How to Sell Pi Coins?

You can find potential buyers for your Pi coins both online and offline. By using the peer-to-peer method, you can agree on the selling price and mode of payment. It is worth mentioning that the P2P strategy is the most traditional way to trade cryptocurrencies. Back in the day, before there were cryptocurrency exchanges, people would sell Bitcoin directly to other users via PayPal or another payment method.

However, P2P is merely one way to sell Pi. We’ll look at a few different approaches to selling Pi coins in the below section.

1. Peer-to-Peer Transactions

P2P via Offline

Physical cash for Pi can be sent and received via P2P using offline methods. It’s a fact that doing business online is more convenient than meeting in person. For users who wish to ensure the security of their transactions, being offline is a better option.

P2P via Online

Pi buyers and sellers can be connected using any peer-to-peer (P2P) platform. Since it doesn’t guarantee safety or validate transactions, this method lacks authenticity.

2. Listing on an Exchange

On the exchange platform, you can trade cryptocurrencies with confidence. Although Pi Network has not yet been publicly added to the exchange list, it is widely anticipated that its open mainnet will launch shortly. On exchanges, Pi coins can be exchanged for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies anytime.

Thanks to the coins’ increasing popularity, the network will soon be operational on significant exchanges, so you can be confident that your Pi money transaction will be secure. The company appears committed to launching the mainnet as soon as possible, based on the latest speculations regarding their efforts to hire new Pi currency developers.

3. Trading

There are presently no Pi coins available on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. However, IOUs (interest-bearing obligations) can always be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or other forms of fiat money. IOUs are informal contracts that accept debt and can be exchanged with other users privately or via the Pi network.

4. Direct Spending

Just like with fiat money, one can instantly spend Pi on products and services. Finding a platform or merchant who will take Pi in exchange for their product is the only thing standing in the way of this strategy.

When Will Pi Coins Trade in Open Markets?

The Pi Network officials say that they are set to launch in 2024. However, we still don’t know the precise date.

The team has also released a V2 roadmap which highlights their plans. The team wants to create one of the most inclusive P2P ecosystems in addition to reaching its goal of 15 million pioneers who have been KYC-verified.


There are still questions about the legality and trading accessibility of the Pi Network and Pi Coin, even though they show potential for cryptocurrency mining through their unique approach. As of now, peer-to-peer transfers are still an option but as there are no official exchange listings and no governmental oversight, buyers should proceed with caution.