Best Crypto Under $1

The hype of crypto is at an all-time high in 2024. With more and more investors pooling their money in crypto assets across the blockchain, are there any crypto assets that are ‘budget-friendly’ to invest in? Yes, there are, and we have compiled a list of top crypto assets to invest in 2024 that will cost you less than $1!

1. Hypeloot


Hypeloot stands out within the world of recycled concepts by offering an exciting blend of captivating games, exciting rewards, and a seamless user interface. With an extensive range of mystery boxes and casino games, it is focused on diverse interests, providing online gamblers with a refreshingly new perspective. Plus, their attention to innovation is truly game-changing.

2. Scorpion Casino

scorpion casino

Scorpion Casino has now emerged as a considerable option for those seeking entry into the eGaming sector without direct involvement in gambling. Offering stake rewards and a dynamic gaming environment, it aims to attract more players and establish itself as a leading eGambling platform, ensuring increased passive income potential.

3. Pikamoon


Pikamoon introduces a unique memecoin set in the imaginative world of Dreva within the Pikaverse. Centered around six elemental regions and rich folklore, it has surely seen a massive rise in demand for its AAA gaming experience, driving network effects and skyrocketing the token’s value through economic principles.

4. WOO X


The WOO ecosystem itself contains various trading platforms, from centralized exchanges like WOO X to DeFi options such as WOOFi Swap and WOOFi Pro. With competitive liquidity, low fees, and diverse yield-earning opportunities like Earn Vaults and Supercharger Vaults, WOO strives to target multiple industry verticals under a unified token, WOO.

5. Green Bitcoin

green bitcoin

Green Bitcoin, offers a promising proposition with its gamified staking mechanism and high APY rewards exceeding 500%. Its presale success, marked by significant investments and token bonuses for traders, indicates a growing interest in its predict-to-earn staking ecosystem and promising long-term benefits for active participants.

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