Can I Mine Bitcoin On My iPhone?

Whenever someone talks about Bitcoin mining, most of us imagine a heavy-duty setup worth thousands of dollars working 24/7. Fortunately, Bitcoin mining is not limited to such setups alone as now you can mine Bitcoin through your iPhone.

All you need to do is download and use a secure and app store-approved iOS app for mining Bitcoin. You’ll be able to join a mining pool through the app hence pooling processing power from users like you. But remember, running such an application will infact drain your mobile battery faster and you may even have to use a cooling pad to prevent overheating issues.

Popular Bitcoin mining apps you should try

To start mining Bitcoin on your iPhone, you need a secure mining app. With hundreds of iOS mining apps, selecting the right app can be a difficult task. Plus, the app store is well known for its strict and secure application protocols for iOS devices. So, to help you save hours of research and comparisons, here are our top two picks for Bitcoin mining apps that are going to work on your iPhone,

Crypto Tab: Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid for using your mobile browser? This is exactly what Crypto Tab does as the platform allows you to mine crypto while you’re using your mobile browser and you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings without any commission.

Crypto Miner: The Crypto Miner app allows you to mine multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin by using your iPhone. Plus, you get the added features like profit monitoring for free.

Storing your Bitcoin through iOS mining

Once you start mining Bitcoin through your iPhone, the next step is to look for a secure deposit/wallet. While most of the mining apps will be offering a secure crypto deposit that you can use for free, it’s better to use external hardware wallets that can be accessed through their respective mobile apps.

Is mining Bitcoin on your iPhone worth it?

Whether Bitcoin mining on your iPhone is worth it or not totally depends upon your personal preferences and the amount of revenue you’re generating this way. Using your mobile for mining crypto is surely a lot more convenient than building a mining setup that is going to cost you thousands of dollars. But doing something like this is infact going to impact your phone’s battery health as well as long-term performance.

Final Note

With crypto mining becoming a hot topic among influencers and investors around the globe, there are many new apps in the market that allow you to mine crypto, specifically Bitcoin on your own through your iPhone. But instead of looking at just how much money you’ll be making through this, we advise you to consider the long-term impact of using your personal mobile phone for performing such complex computational tasks.


How long will it usually take to mine Bitcoin on a mobile?

The amount of time your mobile is going to take to mine one Bitcoin can range from a few days to a couple of months depending upon its processing power.

Is mobile Bitcoin mining even real?

Yes, mobile Bitcoin mining is real and legit as long as you’re using an approved and secure Bitcoin mining app.

What’s the easiest way to mine Bitcoin on my iPhone?

The easiest and perhaps the most secure way to mine Bitcoin on your iPhone is to use an app store-approved mining app that allows you to join a mining pool, hence distributing the overall computational power required for mining among its registered users.

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