Best Hardware Crypto Wallets List

The hardware crypto wallets are a great investment if you have a large stake in the global crypto market. Sure, you can use VPNs or other proxy-hiding tools to get that added layer of safety, but this isn’t enough to secure your blockchain investments when you’re a major stakeholder in a crypto token. Hardware crypto wallets on the other hand save your digital assets in a remote hardware vault that is in your possession all the time. This also allows you to erase your blockchain trail and secure your investment in the safest way possible. Now, considering that you’re looking for a hardware crypto wallet yourself, here are our top picks for best hardware crypto wallets in 2024,

1. Cypherock

cyper rock

Cypherock surely presents an innovative solution to secure the backup and recovery of cryptocurrency wallets, offering solid protection against single-point-of-failure vulnerabilities through Shamir’s Secret Sharing. With the ability to recover funds with any 2 cards or 1 card and 1 device, users are empowered with self-custody and trust-focused storage. Despite concerns about deviating from the typical BIP39 recovery phrase method, Cypherock provides easy access to recovery phrases and offers additional reassurance with a mobile app, which is currently in development. With features like managing private keys for multiple wallets, inheritance systems, and portfolio management, Cypherock stands out as a comprehensive hardware wallet solution, despite its slightly higher cost ($159).

2. Trezor Safe 3

trezor safe 3

Next on the list is the super popular Trezor Safe 3. We can safely say that the Trezor Safe 3 has emerged as a top choice in the realm of cryptocurrency wallets, succeeding the renowned Trezor Model T with enhanced security features and a more affordable price tag. Developed by Satoshi Labs, the Trezor brand has long been synonymous with reliability and innovation. Priced at $79, the Trezor Safe 3 offers support for over 8,000 crypto assets and has passed countless third-party security audits, maintaining an impeccable track record with no reported instances of remote hacks compromising user funds. Its compatibility with both desktop and mobile platforms, along with seamless integration with web 3.0 wallets like Metamask and Exodus, further strengthens its versatility and usability. With a range of hardware wallet options targeting different needs and preferences, Trezor prioritizes user security while ensuring ease of setup and operation.

3. ELLIPAL Titan


Arguably the best hardware crypto wallet out there if you’re focusing on DApps + DeFi. ELLIPAL Titan stands out as a premier choice for cold storage cryptocurrency wallets, offering one-of-a-kind security features and extensive coin support. Priced at $169, the Titan ensures true offline cold storage by operating in complete network isolation, safeguarding against remote and network attacks. The hardware itself is pretty solid, featuring dust and water-proof sealing and an anti-tamper mechanism, while reinforcing its physical security measures. Utilizing QR codes for data transfer and completely bypassing USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connections, the ELLIPAL Titan prioritizes security without compromising usability. With support for 46 blockchains and over 10,000 crypto assets, users can securely manage a diverse portfolio while also accessing DApps, DeFi protocols, and staking functionalities. Despite some limitations such as the default Bitcoin address format and the absence of Xpub key access, the ELLIPAL Titan surely excels in providing a seamless and secure crypto management experience.



With its top-tier security features and user-friendly interface, the NGRAVE ZERO stands out as a game-changer in the crypto hardware wallet arena. A 100% air-gapped design and attainment of the highest security certification standard, EAL7, alongside advanced measures like biometric scanners and tamper-proofing, it offers unmatched protection against threats. Collaborations with renowned cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater and leading nanotechnology institution IMEC have led to groundbreaking innovations like the “Perfect Key” and NGRAVE GRAPHENE, redefining private key security. Despite its premium price point of $398, the NGRAVE ZERO’s durability, randomized private key generation, and support for 15+ coins make it a compelling option for those prioritizing security and privacy in crypto storage. However, its recent entry into the market and ongoing feature development suggest the need for further testing and refinement to establish itself alongside established competitors like Trezor and Ledger.

5. BC Vault

BC Vault surely stands out as a top-tier option among global crypto hardware wallets, offering unparalleled security features. Its support for millions of coins and tokens, coupled with the ability to generate private keys without reliance on third parties, sets it apart from industry leaders like Ledger and Trezor. Plus, the integrated Ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM) technology ensures longevity, making it suitable for multi-generational use, while its true random number generator enhances privacy and anonymity. BC Vault’s background as a cybersecurity firm adds an extra layer of trust, and its unique capability to create separate, pin/password-protected accounts makes it ideal for shared usage among friends and family. With native support for a vast array of assets and credible security certifications, BC Vault offers peace of mind for long-term storage needs.

Final Note

Investing in a crypto hardware wallet is surely a great idea, especially when you are a major player in the global crypto market. However, don’t forget to consider various options and select the hardware crypto wallet that benefits you rather than providing useless features.



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