Best Crypto Debit Cards

Cryptocurrencies are now more mainstream than you think. People from around the globe are now making transactions via cryptocurrency, adapting to a more decentralized currency network. But wait, if cryptocurrencies are digital assets, how are you going to use these for let’s say paying for a can of soda? Well, this is where crypto debit cards come to your rescue. Many popular crypto exchange and fintech companies now offer crypto debit cards allowing the card holders to use their crypto assets for making payments. It works exactly like a regular debit card, but instead of spending fiat currency, you’ll be spending your crypto tokens. Now, to better help you in selecting the right crypto debit card for you, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best crypto debit cards that are shaping the future.

1. Monolith


Among DeFi protocols, Monolith is the first one offering a debit card. The platform doesn’t ask you to hold your crypto assets via a centralized custodian and also doesn’t charge a monthly/annual transaction fee. You can use Monolith’s debit card across the globe while enjoying decentralization at its best. However, the downsides include no cash-back rewards, you can’t get a Monolith debit card in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, etc., and there is a £300 ATM withdrawal limit per day.

2. Coinbase


Coinbase as a crypto exchange doesn’t need any sort of introduction. But did you know that Coinbase is working in collaboration with VISA funding your debit card via the Coinbase account? The platform charges no maintenance fee and you can enjoy some amazing cash-back rewards every time you’re using your Coinbase debit card. Plus, the debit card is well integrated within the Coinbase ecosystem allowing seamless transactions and crypto trades directly through your Coinbase account. However, we must mention the monthly spending limit on your Coinbase debit card which can be annoying for some users.



You are not going to get this much-added perks and benefits somewhere else. If you’re someone who has a large amount of CRO ( token) in reserves, you can enjoy cash-back rewards as high as 5%. Plus, the platform doesn’t charge any annual or monthly fee with the added benefit of getting special rewards for subscriptions like Spotify, Netflix, etc. However, there is a $4.95 inactive fee if you haven’t used your card for a whole month. Plus, there is a daily withdrawal limit of $200 and you will need to invest your assets in CRO to gain massive benefits from your card.

4. Wirex


Even though Wirex is a UK-based company, the Wirex debit card is surely among the list of debit cards offering massive cash-back rewards. These rewards can go as high as 8% with the platform charging no usage fee. You can even withdraw up to $250 from an ATM, completely free. However, the Wirex reward structure is surely questionable as you will be receiving cash-back rewards in WXT (Wirex’s native token).

5. Binance

In the end, we have the giant of crypto exchanges itself. Yes, we are talking about Binance and how the Binance debit card offers around 8% cash-back rewards if you have a large stake in BNB (Binance native token). The card is directly integrated within the Binance’s ecosystem allowing seamless transactions and trading. However, Binance does charge a 0.9% transaction fee and the card is not yet available in the US!

Final Note

The increasing involvement of crypto assets in global transaction models is surely a positive thing. With more and more fintech giants and crypto exchanges stepping into the debit card sector, make sure to get a card that offers maximum benefits against your particular stake within the crypto market.

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