Can Americans Really Access ByBit After the Ban in 2022?

ByBit is an irresistible cryptocurrency exchange site with various useful tools, derivatives, and coins. Therefore, millions of traders, including Americans, can’t let it go after the ban, so they need to know how to go past this restriction.

What Is ByBit?

ByBit is a popular crypto website that Ben Zhou started in 2018 (March) to encourage trading to users globally. Today, over ten million (10M) crypto users depend on this platform for all their trading activities.

ByBit has users in nearly all countries, like:

  1. Canada
  2. United Arab Emirates
  3. Singapore
  4. China

The United States government banned ByBit, citing that it authorizes trading without user registration. Generally, the American government requires crypto exchange platforms to compel traders to adopt contracts and to have registered accounts.

ByBit is exceptional because it proffers derivative assets to its users, such as future and perpetual contracts

4 Rare Features of ByBit that Endear it to US Users

Multiple Login Options

Traders can use their email address or Google account to log in to their ByBit account. Alternatively, iPhone owners can use their Apple accounts to sign in to their ByBit account, thus ideal for US dwellers.

Mobile App

Secondly, users don’t have to visit ByBit’s site to access their accounts, provided they have this application.

Multilingual Crypto Exchange

ByBit supports different international languages like English, Spanish, and French. A Crypto enthusiast can select their preferred native tongue by clicking the language icon on the website or app. As a result, Americans gravitate towards it because the US is a multi-racial country.

P2P Portal

Users like ByBit’s peer-to-peer portal because it enables them to purchase tokens from other traders without engaging a broker.

What is ByBit’s Status in the United States (USA)?

America outlawed ByBit within its territory because it contravenes its stringent crypto trading regulations. Ben Zhou prefers that this cryptocurrency exchange remain unregulated to give users more control over their digital assets.

Consequently, no user within America can access this successful platform with a US IP address. Therefore, they must connect with a VPN to bypass this ban and trade like everyone else.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) 2024


A virtual private network (VPN) is an exceptional technology that connects a user’s computer (PC) with a VPN provider’s remote server to allow access to a blocked website. This network ensures you remain anonymous on the internet, so the target web server can’t tell whether you’re within a restricted territory.

How Does a VPN Mask an Internet User’s Identity?

A Crypto user relies on an encrypted internet protocol (IP address) whenever they connect to a free or premium VPN. As a result, the VPN conceals the user’s  IP address from the internet to enhance their anonymity as they surf online.

Further, the VPN masks all the information a user browses online by acting as a safe tunnel. The VPN’s server decrypts all the data of the blocked website to help the user use the banned site without hindrance.

Steps for Accessing ByBit if You’re Within the United States

An American user can count on notable VPNs, such as NordVPN and ProtonVPN, to visit ByBit’s website conveniently. Here is the procedure for browsing ByBit’s official site with ProtonVPN


  1. Visit ProtonVPN and tap the ‘Get ProtonVPN Now’ button.
  2. Select ‘Proton Unlimited’ or ‘Proton VPN Plus’ plan.
  3. Each pricing plan has monthly, yearly, and biyearly sub-plans.
  4. Sign up with your email address and debit card (or credit card).
  5. Click the Pay button at the bottom to end the registration process.
  6. Download an updated version of ProtonVPN and set it up.
  7. Use a verification code to authenticate your account.
  8. Sign in to your ProtonVPN and head to the country list section.
  9. Choose a country that ByBit operates from the given list.
  10. Tap the connect button.

ProtonVPN Pricing Offers

Here’s some endearing news – Proton VPN proffers a 55 percent (%) price offer to each user who selects the Proton VPN Plus plan. On the other hand, Proton Unlimited guarantees a minimum discount of 38 percent (%), but it can differ depending on whether you choose a monthly or yearly plan.

You can reach ByBit’s website even if you’re within the USA and trade hassle-free.

Can I Turn Off My VPN After Trading on ByBit?

Yes, you can! Fortunately, deactivating the virtual private network is easy if you add it as a Chrome extension. Feel free to click the ‘More options’ link on the top-right section of the Chrome browser.

Click the extension and select your VPN, then drag the respective button to end the session.

How To Browse ByBitin US With The Help of NordVPN

A crypto user can purchase a NodeVPN plan and connect their PC with this provider’s server to access ByBit’s website. You can choose the USD 14.99 monthly or the 12-month plan (USD 6.49 monthly).

After that, locate the download button on the ‘More options’ section to get the most updated NodeVPN version. Verify your account with your email address, then log in after purchasing your pricing plan of choice.

Finally, select a suitable country (not the USA) from the list to establish a connection. Feel free to turn off NodeVPN after the trading session if you don’t wish to remain anonymous.

Can Americans Trade on ByBit on their Android Smartphones?

Sure, they can! Android phone owners can download this app from the Google Play store, as VPNs like NodeVPN and ProtonVPN are compatible with these devices. Activate your account by buying a premium plan and submitting your email address to sign up.

After that, select an unprohibited country to connect to ByBit’s website through your VPN server.

Similarly, iPhone users can download their favorite VPN, such as NordVPN or Surfshark, from the App Store. They must activate and verify their accounts after purchasing a good pricing option.


A virtual private network is the only defense that trading enthusiasts have against government restrictions on whatever grounds. Thankfully, crypto clients have dozens of affordable VPNs they can consider to unblock ByBit. A few VPNs have a free trial, and thus you can continue trading before raising money to purchase a suitable pricing plan.