Best Crypto Trading Bots List

The world of crypto is ever expanding and changing with new coins and investment opportunities surfacing every single day. However, this unpredictable nature of the crypto industry sometimes becomes too much overbearing for traders and investors. You can’t be active throughout the day analyzing every price fluctuation and making the trade when it is most beneficial for you. This is where trading bots come to the rescue.

Trading bots are software designed to schedule your trading transactions for a time when you’ll be making maximum profits from a trade. As a crypto trader, you can use these automated bots and set a specific time or price limit for the transaction. As soon as the set criteria are met, the bot will automatically make the transaction and your funds will be transferred directly to your primary account, even if you’re not currently active on the trading panel.

Features like these surely make crypto trading bots a valuable asset for traders in the year 2024. Here are our top picks for the best trading bots this year,



Bitsgap is known for getting major components of a successful trading platform together which also makes it super popular among both new and experienced traders. The platform offers trading bots that can trade 24/7 without any interruption, super easy portfolio management, and smart algorithmic orders. The website is quite easy to navigate allowing you to implement backtested DCA and GRID strategies in a few clicks with tools that can control your reward/risk ratio.

Pricing: Basic – $23/month, Advanced – $55/month, and Pro – $119/month (A 7-day free trial included)

Features: Automatic trading, algorithm intelligence, market-making bot, strategy designer, backtesting, tournaments, social trading, copy bot, trailing stops, paper trading, and exchange arbitrage



There are many automated trading bots available to access today, however, SMARD has secured a place for itself among the very best trading bots due to its optimizing capacity. The bot contributes around 5% per month to the average return. You don’t need to have any sort of prior coding experience to operate the bot and traders can even connect to SMARD via the exchange API keys leaving the user in charge of all the funds.

Pricing: Minimum $1 access fee or 10% monthly service fee off profit made. You must have at least $1000 to start trading.

Features: Trade 20+ cryptos, follow and copy experts, and smart portfolio


3 commas

3commas has practically dominated the global crypto trading bots space since its launch. Powered by professional-grade signals from TradingView and the 3commas marketplace, the bot is an amazing choice for hunting success with short, long, and future positions. The platform offers highly effective DCA, GRID, and Signal bots that can execute complex strategies to meet a trader’s goal. Plus, the mobile app and the web interface is an amazing addition to the platform allowing seamless access to over 15 major crypto exchanges from around the globe.

Pricing: Free account, Beginner Plan: $4/ Month, Pro Plan: $37/ Month, Expert Plan: $59/ Month. (all plans are backed up by a 7-day free trial).

Features: Templated trading strategies, support popular exchanges, and backtesting



Defiquants is one of the very few platforms actually offering an AI-integrated trading bot. This allows the bot to make fast and seamless transactions as programmed. The bot doesn’t require any API integration to access multiple exchanges and can easily purchase from exchange A and sell at exchange B while keeping the funds secure. Plus, if you’re a new user, you’re going to get a $5 sign-up credit.

Pricing: Experience bot $5/day, trading bot $50/day, $500/5 days, $1050/7 days, $3000/15 days, $6000/ 20 days, $10,800/ 30 days, $18,000/45 days, $30,000/60 days.

Features: Operates without leverage, fully automated, and the algorithm utilizes the momentum effect



So Etoro is actually different from other platforms on this list as you can’t access a trading bot program here. However, Etoro follows a different approach where the platform allows you to copy trades from millions of investors across the globe. You can also follow crypto traders and investors to get a better idea of their recent trades, portfolio, invetsment strateges, etc.

Pricing: Free registration but the platform does charge various fees for trading and withdrawals.

Features: Comprehensive analysis library, view portfolio history, automated trading and strategy optimization



Eventhough Coinrule was founded back in 2018, this UK-based crypto trading bot has surely made a place for itself among the best trading bots across the globe. The bot offers a ton of advanced features that can be utilized by both professional and beginner level traders.

Pricing: Starter – Free, Hobbyist – $29.99/month, Trader – $59.99/month, Pro – $449.99/month.

Features: Copy trading, profit sharing, and crypto signals.



If you’re an experienced quant trader, Bitget allows you to to connect your very own trading algorithms by integrating specific data feeds APIs. The trading bot has got a super user-friendly interface and can be programmed to respond to various indicators such as RSI, price metrics, volume metrics, etc. For common trade automation strategies such as TWAP, DCA and Grid, template bots are also readily available.

Pricing: Variable for different experience levels

Features: 24/7 Trading, single terminal for all portfolios, mobile app and trading signals, copy expert traders, instant bot creation, and professional tools.



So, Zignaly allows you to invest via a profit sharing model only. You’ll be invited to invest in an experienced trader’s fund and will make a profit off their investment strategies. The experienced trader will be managing the portfolio and making traders on behalf of both. Don’t worry, the platform only endorse traders that are already well-established and can actually promise good returns on investments.

Pricing: Commission fee charged on profit.

Features: Profit sharing, funds security, real-time analysis



‘Trade faster, Maximize results’, with this motto, the platform offers you an opportunity to trade like a professional. The TradeSanta bot works on potent trading and algorithmic strategies. This means, the platform never stops trading and is constantly scanning the market for the best opportunities.

Pricing: Basic – $18/month, Advanced – $32/month, and Maximum – $45/month (3-day free trial included in all plans)

Features: Risk management tools, bots for spot and futures trading, trading bots for bear and bull markets, popular third-party signals, and the ability to copy strategies from the most profitable traders.



There isn’t any other crypto trading platform that is going to offer top-notch free trading bots like Pionex. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of crypto or automated trading. The platform offers a super user-friendly interface that can be used by both beginners and professional traders alike.

Pricing: 0.05% per order.

Features: No minimum deposit for the free trading bot, low fees, high security, large-volume trading, and support for over 40 cryptocurrencies.



Also known as the “world’s most customizable trading bot”, Cryptohopper offers a one of a kind crypto bot that has the capacity to even outperform human traders. The platform works closely with popular exchanges round the globe ensuring accounts safety such that no user data is shared with any third-party without the user’s permission.

Pricing: Pioneer – Free, Explorer – $19/month (3-day free trial), Adventurer – $49/month, Hero – $99/month.

Features: AutoConfig, visual targets, AI-generated custom strategies, quick and flexible bots, easy grid trading, assisted manual trading, 20+ preset trading strategies, unlimited trading pairs, and confirming indicators.



Gunbot is perhaps one of the very few trading bots that don’t sharge any subscription fee. Instead, you’ll have to pay a one-time licensing fee and the platform will securely run on your Windows, Mac or LinuxOS device. The bot trades 24/7 and doesn’t engage with the cloud at any level ensuring the data is secure and localized on your device.

Pricing: A one-time licensing fee, Standard – Ƀ 0.014, Pro – Ƀ 0.025, and Ultimate – Ƀ 0.04. (3-day free trial included in all plans)

Features: A powerful and user-friendly bot, free software updates, great support, plug-and-play strategies, custom strategies, and automated configuration changes.



As a crypto trading bot and platform, Shrimpy is focused on revolutionizing the way traders usually operate. The platform allows you to link your wallets and exchanges to the platform while the site is focused on ensuring security and privacy of your assets.

Pricing: Zero – Free, Standard – $15/month, and Plus – $39/month.

Features: Automated trading strategy, analytics to track performance, customized features, access to helpful strategies, and robust solutions


How much does a crypto trading bot costs on average?

The average price for a crypto trading bot varies based on your exerience level as a trader as well as the prominent features you’re looking for.

Are crypto trading bots any good?

With the AI-integration becoming a crucial part of many crypto trading bots, these trading bots are showing massive potential with some of them effectively beating human crypto traders.

Are crypto trading bots legal?

Yes, crypto trading bots are legal to use.

Which is the best crypto trading bot?

It is difficult to specify a particular crypto trading bot and label it as the best one. Based on our experience, the best trading bot is going to be the one matching all your requirements as a trader.

How do crypto trading bots make money?

Crypto trading bots usually made money through a license-based, commission-based, or a subscription-based model.

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