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DC Comics introduced a stand-alone NFT marketplace for the purchase, sale, and exchange of DC Comics NFTs. The DC NFT marketplace already has the initial projects listed. The “DC Bat Cowl,” “DC FanDome 2021,” “Gotham City Knightwatch District Sigil,” and “AMC The Batman” posters are among the artworks that users can now purchase.

The company introduced the NFT marketplace’s beta version, which is built on the Palm ecosystem. This article goes into great detail about the DC NFT market, including how to sell DC NFTs.

What are NFTs?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a cryptographic asset that is kept on the blockchain. NFT symbolizes a special and intangible digital item, such as a tweet, a picture, or an in-game collectible that has special qualities and can’t be replaced with other assets. The main reason artists are thinking about learning how to make NFT is because each one is unique, limited, and non-interchangeable. It can also serve as an authenticator or proof of ownership.

The goal of NFTs is to replicate the palpable characteristics of real-world items, like scarcity, uniqueness, and ownership evidence. On the other hand, fungible goods are exchangeable due to their inherent value, rather than their unique characteristics.

What is the DC NFT Marketplace?

The DC NFT marketplace is the official NFT marketplace for purchasing and selling DC NFTs. Comic book enthusiasts can purchase and trade official DC NFTs on this marketplace. Tokens such as DC FanDome 2021 NFTs, the DC Bat Cowl Collection, AMC “The Batman” Posters, Gotham City Knightwatch District Sigil NFTs, and others to be announced are available for purchase.

There are plans to use some NFTs, including Batman Bat Cowl NFTs, to vote on characters and plotlines in upcoming comic books on the DC NFT marketplace. In addition, it will grant users access to upcoming DC NFT collections and awards.

Steps to Check Your DC NFT Value With Beta Marketplace

It’s easy to filter NFTs that aren’t currently for sale from ones that are. There are three ways to sort on the DC Fandom Marketplace:

  • Newest
  • Alphabetical
  • Price

By clicking on the listings for Bat Cowls, you can see their unique features and rarity percentages. For example, just 17 percent may come from a “hush” family, and 25 percent may have a “classic” jaw.

Use these methods to get an estimate of your DC NFT’s potential value:

  • To find properties that are comparable to yours, use the search box at the top.
  • Note down the costs at which these comparable NFTs are being offered for sale.
  • To get an average value, collect as many pricing points as you can. This prevents skewed results.
  • Check your NFT’s features and rarity against the list.
  • Put your DC NFT up for sale if you discover that your collectible is more uncommon than anything else on the market.

Step By Step Guide How to Sell Your DC NFT First Time in 2024

Below are the steps on how to sell DC NFT:

Step 1: Review the beta conditions of the DC NFT Marketplace

Software that has been pre-released to a large user base for practical testing is called a beta release. Even though it could lack some functionality, a beta version undergoes internal testing before release. Some features of the DC NFT universe are not available in the beta edition, but they will be added shortly.

If your country is not included in the list for identity verification, it indicates that DC NFT marketplace services are not yet available to you.

Step 2: Log in to the DC NFT Marketplace

You can sell DC NFT by logging in to the marketplace. To log in, just click the button located in the upper-right corner. If you don’t have an account, you can click the SIGNUP button to create a DC NFT marketplace account.

To create an account on the DC NFT marketplace, you have to be 13 years of age or older. After that, you must enter your desired username, password, and email address. You will receive an email for verification. You will be able to access your DC NFT marketplace account after verification.

Step 3: Choose DC NFT to List for Sale

Once you’re in the DC NFT marketplace, select the “My Collection” tab from the drop-down menu. It will open a page with a list of your collections. Select the DC NFT you wish to sell. Then, to sell DC NFT, click the “Sell NFT” button.

Step 4: Verify your Identity

You will need to verify your identity if you haven’t already to sell DC NFT. Verification is done to make sure that the current financial regulations are followed and to shield NFT collectors from NFT scams. To get Credits, unlock a $10,000 daily card purchase limit, and list NFTs for sale on the DC NFT marketplace, you must complete the identity verification process.

The process for confirming an identity will include:

  • Filling a form with your information, such as your date of birth and legal name.
  • Snap a photo of the front of the ID that was issued by the government.
  • To make sure you look like your ID, take a selfie.

After the submission of your documents, the verification procedure will take a few minutes to finish; but, in times of high traffic, it may take several hours. The verification results will be sent to your email once the procedure is finished.

Step 5: Confirm your Listing

After entering the desired selling price for the DC NFT, click “Continue” and then “Confirm Listing.” 10% of all NFT sales on the secondary market are subject to a royalty fee levied by the DC NFT marketplace. This means that $5 will be subtracted from the sale’s earnings, for example, if you sell DC NFT for $50. As a result, the total payout in credits to your Credit Balance will be $45.

You’ll get a notification saying that “Your NFT will be listed on the marketplace shortly” as soon as you’ve confirmed your listing. On your NFT, there will also be an icon that says “listing in progress.” Depending on the volume of activity on the blockchain network, the status may appear for a few seconds to several minutes. Your DC NFT’s status will change to “On Sale” after it is put up for sale.

Step 6: View your Listing

The NFT will become accessible for other users to purchase on the DC NFT marketplace once its status is changed to “On Sale.” As soon as your DC NFT is sold, you will receive an email.

Keep in mind that once a DC NFT is posted, its details cannot be changed. You have to take the NFT out of your listing and make a new one to change its listed price.

You will receive a Credit Balance as payment for your NFT sale. The “Account Details” section under your username is where you can see your credit balance.


Selling NFT on the DC NFT marketplace is just an easy process. You just have to follow the steps mentioned in this article and you will be good to go.

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