Jupiter (JUP) Price Prediction 2024-2030


Solana, though Jupiter, has improved the smart functionality feature of the blockchain space. Will this be the trend in the coming years, or will things change?

Since its launch in 2021, Jupiter has become a highly acclaimed DEX platform in the Solana blockchain space. One of the primary benefits of Jupiter includes efficiency, seamless token swaps, and a plethora of liquidity pools, which have improved Solana’s overall functionality.

Unlike other platforms, JUP tackles significant issues in DeFi. Crypto prices fluctuate often due to the different decentralized exchanges available, which may diminish the actual value of a swap or transaction. However, with Jupiter, you are guaranteed the best price across the blockchain ecosystem. 

Despite all these pros, Jupiter has experienced a fair share of torrid moments, but it has always rallied competitively against other cryptos. Such tenacity has wowed crypto traders, but how far can JUP’s price reach? Find out in this comprehensive piece.

Jupiter (JUP) Real-Time Market Status

Name Jupiter
Symbol JUP
Rank #69
Price  $0.87712426458
Price Change (1h) -0.49%
Price Change (24h) -3.36%
Price Change (7d) -14.57%
Market Cap $1184117757
Circulating Supply 1350000000 JUP
Total Supply 10000000000 JUP

From the table above, we can deduce that JUP currently trades at $0.87712426458, which puts it at #69 on the global market cap. There are about 1350000000 JUP present globally, bringing the market cap to $1184117757. However, Jupiter has flopped in 24 hours by 3.36%, bringing it down by 14.57% from the previous week.

Defining Jupiter (JUP)

Jupiter is Solana’s primary aggregator and native token. Since its launch, it has improved DeFi within Solana, allowing users to trade seamlessly. Some of the critical features of Jupiter include perpetual trading, cost averaging, and limit orders. At its core, Jupiter connects different Solana platforms, such as Orca and Raydium, using exquisite features to parallel their liquidity and prices. 

As much as it is still new in the crypto space, Jupiter has shown resilience in accomplishing high returns. 

Jupiter (JUP) Market Status

A look at Jupiter’s market standing highlights its active desire to clinch the top position in the crypto space. There was a time when JUP was at $1.06, a 16.32% dwindle over the past 24 hours, which caused its price to fall to $759.32 million. Its market cap stands at $1.66 billion and is number 62, with a global supply of 1.35 billion tokens and a maximum supply of 10 billion. JUP tokens are available in OKX, ByBit, Coinbase, and Binance. 

Jupiter Price Analysis

It is crucial to analyze the price of a token before investing in it. Price analysis involves looking at different price signals and importantly, its short-term price. As much as Jupiter has experienced immense breakthroughs in the crypto space, it has shown extreme volatility. As such, Jupiter’s price might flop below $1 or even retest to $1.51.

Notably, experts highlight Jupiter’s thrilling plans, which include better features such as API upgrades and cross-chain support. If these plans actualize, JUP’s market standing could improve over time. 

Jupiter’s 2024 Price Prediction

As evidenced on the OBV, within 2 hours, Jupiter had almost dominated the red candlesticks, which highlighted how it could not maintain an aggressive momentum. At press time, the OBV had reduced significantly, highlighting that JUP has less selling pressure. Nonetheless, with Fibonacci, many are hopeful that JUP will recover.

Jupiter’s 2025 Price Prediction

Many crypto fanatics hope that Jupiter will soar in 2025 compared to 2024. Solana hinted at creating better airdrops to propel JUP’s demand in the market. With this, Jupiter may soar to $10 in 2025 due to better market conditions.

Jupiter’s 2026 Price Prediction

The 2026 crypto space might be in shambles. In this situation, Jupiter and other altcoins might likely dwindle in price. Due to this, its price is predicted to stand at $7.

Jupiter’s 2027 Price Prediction

JUP’s 2027 price prediction could be staggering due to the bearish cycle. However, given that the token will have poached new users due to its forward-thinking strategies, its price might grow to $13.

Jupiter’s 2028 Price Prediction

JUP’s price might reach a record high of $20. But for this to happen, users must hoard the token so that it overtakes distribution. When this happens, JUP’s price might reach $20.

Jupiter’s 2029 Price Prediction

Price prediction for 2029 might be clumsy due to JUP’s hoarding in 2028. Due to this, Jupiter’s price might even reach $27.50

Jupiter’s 2040 Price Prediction

JUP might likely cross the $38 threshold in 2040. During this time, Jupiter will have improved its functionalities to increase its fan base. 

Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
$20.55 $24.38 $38.75

Jupiter’s 2050 Price Prediction

By 2050, Jupiter will have better functionality, better features, and more users, which will propel it to $57.

Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
$36.43 $46.86 $57.29

Potential Highs And Lows Of Jupiter (JUP)

Making predictions in the crypto space is always a chaotic situation. However, if you analyze its current standing; market price, rank, and circulating supply, you might paint a hazy picture of its future.

Below is a table of recent statistics and research on JUP’s 2026-2030

Year Potential Law Average Price Potential High 

Year  Potential Law Average Price Potential High
2026 $1.40 $2.00 $2.90
2027 $0.80 $1.00 $1.10
2028 $1.05 $1.30 $1.50
2029 $3.30 $5.00 $7.00
2030 $4.45 $7.80 $10.00

Should You Consider Investing In Jupiter?

All factors considered, there are propositions and oppositions for purchasing and investing in JUP. The token has risen above the ranks to become renowned within Solana. Also, given its unique and enticing aggregation features, Jupiter could offer users invaluable profits, especially in the DeFI space. Additionally, JUP’s tokens make it a proficient DeFi 2.0 due to its intricate capacities in liquidity and governance. 

However, Jupiter is not immune to severe risks like rigid competition from other DEXs such as Raydium and Orca. To avert these risks, Jupiter must advance its features to provide traders with a proficient trading experience. Finally, JUP could be the perfect trade platform for beginners. 


Jupiter, a renowned Solana blockchain token, has revolutionized the crypto space with its ardent functionalities and features such as proficient security and messaging services. At its core, Jupiter aims to streamline the security and accessibility of the blockchain space on different networks. Based on different predictions, Jupiter might be a force to reckon with in the coming years.