THORChain (RUNE) Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will RUNE Hit $15 Soon?


THORChain has experienced crucial market success during its tenure. As such, many experts have been keen on outlining its future market prices. 

THORChain has shaken the foundation of cryptocurrency by fostering a habitable space for various platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos Hub, BNB Chain, etc. At its core, the platform aims to scale crypto operations by boosting cross-chain communications and DeFi.

Decentralized finance allows crypto traders to deposit their desired cryptos to a liquidity pool to streamline their trade adventures. Some highly acclaimed DeFi applications, such as Balancer and Uniswap, allow users to swap their digital coins within the platform. 

Several crypto enthusiasts have hoped on the THORChain bandwagon to mint its benefits, and although some of its features are not perfect, it has envious security protocols. Although RUNE has experienced market fluctuations lately, many are sure it will stabilize. Journey with us as we delve into THORChain’s price predictions from 2024 – 2030.

THORChain (RUNE) Current Market Standing

Name  THORChain
Symbol  RUNE
Rank  #59
Price $4.69421466235
Price Change (1h) -0.02%
Price Change (24h) -3.32%
Price Change (7d) -15.08%$1574619104.52
Market Cap $1574619104.52
Circulating Supply 335438240 RUNE
Total Supply 412967514 RUNE

Deductions from the table above:

RUNE’s current standing is at $4.69421466235, placing it at the #59 position globally.

There are 335438240 RUNE coins currently propelling its market cap to $1574619104.52.

Assessments from the past 24 hours highlight that THORChain has dwindled 3.32%, a 15.08% decrease from the past week.

Defining THORChain

THORChain, the brainchild of Binance Dexathon, is a DeFi liquidity platform that permits users to take charge of their digital assets and share them on various networks. Also, it is the only crypto space that allows traders to exchange different currencies in a secure space through its cross-chain swap feature. Other benefits of THORChain include robust security features as it integrates SDK. In essence, RUNE offers better yields, liquidity, and governance – its major selling points.

Notably, you can use RUNE to:

  • Govern the THORChain protocol
  • Pay fees
  • Remunerate the node’s transaction fees
  • Protect the THORChain network
  • Reimburse node’s transaction costs

RUNE’s Current Market Status

RUNE is currently at $5.85, a 10.50% jump from the past week. Its trading volume also improved to $229.25 in 24 hours. These figures point to its dominance in the crypto space – it is now at a $1.96 billion market cap. 

THORChain’s Price Analysis

Although RUNE has experienced immense success over the past week, its trajectory is still unclear. As is the case with other cryptos, it might be subject to upgrades that may affect its future market prices. 

THORChain’s 2024 Price Prediction

Experts believe that the price of RUNE will soar this year, even though the increase might be lower than expected. Some factors that may contribute to its market decline include less market activity and low demand from users. In technical terms, RUNE might soar to $11.50, progress that might even take months. 

THORChain’s 2025 Price Predictions

RUNE has a robust relationship with Ethereum and Bitcoin, and its price may skyrocket if more users continue joining these crypto spaces. Also, many predictions state that ETH and BTC could experience price increases. Thus, in this case, the price of RUNE will increase and stand at $22.50.

THORChain’s 2026 Price Predictions

2026 will not favor RUNE because of the bull market, which will cause its price to go lower than 2025. Due to this, many traders might feel the heat and start exchanging their coins for more stable currencies. Hence, RUNE’s price could be $13.25.

THORChain’s 2027 Price Predictions

Just like in 2026, 2027 will be tough for RUNE. As much as it will have improved its network and integrated better features, it might not improve its price. Experts foresee that by then, THORChain’s price will be at $10.

THORChain’s 2028 Price Predictions

As highlighted above, RUNE comfortably co-exists with BTC, and considering that 2028 is the 5th BTC halving year, it might favor RUNE. Due to this, RUNE’s market cap might be at $30.

THORChain’s 2029 Price Predictions

RUNE’s price might improve from the previous years since it would have captured a better audience. If this goes as predicted, then its price will be $38.

THORChain’s 2030 Price Predictions

The crypto space is expected to pass $20 trillion due to its massive audience. As such, many tokens at the time will also experience an astonishing surge. By then, RUNE might have reached $65.

THORChain’s 2040 Price Predictions

Most experts denote that 2040 might be a good year for RUNE as it is expected to surpass $50 because of new and better audiences and a more stable market. RUNE might soar to $65.

THORChain’s 2050 Price Predictions

Most are hopeful that by 2050, RUNE might be at $100. Hopefully, this might come to fruition in the future, but in 2050, it might be at $88.32.

What Makes THORChain Stand Out In The Crypto Space?

THORChain is quite affordable and reliable, compared to other platforms, as its affordability boosts investor’s cash flow. Also, it is built on Cosmos SDK, which boosts its availability on different blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance. RUNE’s aptitudes have made it one of the most popular platforms globally for investors looking to increase their liquidity. 

Although one of the primary selling points of THORChain is security – it does not save any of your digital footprint, which is a valid reason to continue investing in the platform. Additionally, as a THORChain user, you will take charge of their digital assets without third-party mediators or extra charges. In essence, THORChain lowers extra costs while improving the speed of transactions – a plus for traders looking for a seamless but affordable platform. 


THORChain is a DeFi platform that supports various services and cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and BTC, which boost its liquidity pool. If you want to invest in any crypto in 2024, THORChain would be a good option because it has shown extreme tenacity against other platforms. 

Nonetheless, these predictions should be taken with a pinch of salt because they might take shape or not. As always, do your due diligence before investing in an asset to prevent financial losses. Ultimately, THORChain is a promising platform that could improve the current state of the crypto space.