Full Ordinals (ORDI) Price Forecast for Between 2024 and 2040- When Will ORDI Price Hit USD 200?


Bitcoin Ordinals (ORDI) remains the most popular token on the Binance network since its introduction last year by Casey Rodarmor. The beauty of ORDI tokens is that they’re 100 percent fungible for customers to trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

This short write-up will analyze this crypto’s price changes for the next 6 (six) years to help all market participants make informed trading decisions.

What is an ORDI Token?

Ordinals (ORDI) is the newest cryptocurrency Casey Rodarmor introduced to Bitcoin in March 2023. Casey set ORDI’s opening cost at USD 25.54, but it hit a higher price of nearly USD 29.20 within the same day.

Interestingly, this token grew to an incredible market capability of USD 348 because tens of crypto investors embraced it.

New Facts About ORDI 2024

  1. Its ticker symbol is ORDI
  2. The current price for this token is USD 43.6623.
  3. ORDI’s price skyrocketed by nearly 0.2 percent (%) in the past 60 minutes (1 hour).
  4. ORDI token’s cost decreased by around 3.3.6 percent (%) in the past day (24 hours).
  5. ORDI coin’s price dropped by nearly 25 percent (%) in the last week (7 days).
  6. Ordinals foster the smooth trading of NFTs.

What is ORDI’s Market Capability Right Now?

ORDI’s market cap has increased in under 24 months (2 years) to around USD 916,909,299. Technically, Ordinal’s (ORD) popularity shot fast because this token suits long-term investors. Further, analysts confirm that this coin’s price will increase sharply in the next 5 to 10 years, boosting investors’ confidence.

Consequently, ORDI’s circulation supply has risen to approximately 21 million and will increase further in the next 6-12 months.

What’s Ordinals’ Crypto Ranking Today?

Technically, Cryptos late ranks ORDI at number 80 based on different metrics like market capability and token price. However, this token’s ranking might improve in the next 5 to 10 years because ORDI’s popularity will enhance its circulation supply by a large margin.

What is ORDI’s Market Price at the Moment?

According to various crypto wallets, ORD’s price is USD 43.662, a drop from its price an hour ago.

4 Reputable Crypto Wallets that Have Listed Ordinals (ORDI)

1 – Binance Wallet

Binance is the safest platform to trade ORDI tokens because it has favorable features like asset management and supports foster trading. Additionally, Binance offers reasonable ORDI buying options, such as Apple Pay (or Google Pay) and debit card (or credit card).

Finally, you can stake these coins on Binance Earn to raise a small income to get by as you await the ORDI price to improve.

2 – ChangeNow

ChangeNow is a suitable non-custodial for ORDI traders because it accepts a minimum deposit of under USD 2. Secondly, this cryptocurrency platform allows clients to use their Visa or MasterCard to load more ORDI tokens into their wallets.

3 – OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet is a decentralized crypto site with a user-friendly interface with multiple security measures to make ORDI trading fun and safe. Fortunately, you can use your bank account or a suitable e-wallet to purchase more ORDI tokens.

Lastly, the OKX wallet is friendlier to ORDI traders because it supports a minimum deposit of USD 10 if you prefer a bank transfer.

4 – Bitrue

More traders like Bitrue because it processes ORDI deposits in seconds and features multiple crucial features. Further, this crypto website has many security measures, like multi-factor authentication.

In closing, Bitrue charges relatively low transaction fees to all traders and thus assures the traders of better profits.

What is Crowd Wisdom’s ORDI Price Prediction Between 2024 and 2025?

According to Crowd Wisdom, ORD’s cost might hit an all-time high of over USD 105 before 2025 ends. This reputable analyst says they base this exciting cost prediction on the fast adoption of this token by more crypto exchange wallets today.

Ordinals’ (ORDI) Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows a reading of about 53.02 for an ORDI token. Unfortunately, this RSI reading indicates a reduced buying tendency by cryptocurrency customers.

Therefore, it insinuates that the ORDI token’s momentum has decreased in the last few days. However, analysts are confident that this reading will improve in the next few months based on their expert prediction.

Ordinals Cost Forecast 2025

Surprisingly, analysts are optimistic that ORDI’s price will get to USD 138 if this bullish behavior continues. Many crypto experts say that ORD’s market capability might reach USD 3 billion- hence this price prediction.

Expected ORDI Offer Price 2026

Reduced liquidity and the bullish trend of this digital asset will result in the unexpected decrease of each ORDI token to USD 84.30 in 2026.

ORDI Asking Price Projection 2027

Unfortunately, the Bitcoin ORDI hype will slacken in 2027, affecting this token’s price. Consequently, analysts say that the value of this crypto coin will reduce to USD 70 by December 2027.

Projected ORDI’s Monetary Value 2028

Crypto traders should consider trading ORDI tokens because the price will skyrocket to USD 165 in 2028. Market predictors say that Bitcoin’s halving will be the primary trigger of this sudden price improvement in under 6 (six) months.

Ordinals’ Price Prediction 2029

Bitcoin halving will set the ORDI’s price on a bullish trajectory, driving this token’s price to about USD 200 by October 2028.

ORDI’s Value Forecast 2030

2030 will be a better year for ORDI sellers because this crypto’s cost will improve to around USD 272. Trading experts say that this cryptocurrency will undergo the highest correction in 10 years.

Will ORDI’s Price Reach USD 300 by 2040?

Yes, it will! An ORDI token’s price will improve in 2040 to an all-time high of USD 337 due to increased demand for this cryptocurrency. Contrarily, this crypto’s minimum cost will hit a new high of USD 289.15 within the first 6 (six) months of 2040.

However, crypto analysts predict this token’s mean price will range between USD 304 and USD 304.53. 


ORDI traders must understand that this volatile token has no utility-hence the need to see a professional’s price prediction beforehand. Surprisingly, Casey was the first to introduce tokens in the Bitcoin network as Ordinals (ORDI). Therefore, you should invest in this promising cryptocurrency before its value skyrockets to USD 100.