Expected Helium Cost Projections Between 2024 and 2050


Although Helium is volatile, it tends to bounce back fast because its demand recovers within a few days. Current investors are lucky because HNT’s price predictions show that this digital coin’s value will grow exponentially before 2050.

Get ready to know how a HNT coin’s price will fluctuate between 2024 and 2030 based on various scientific facts.

General Helium (HNT) Overview 2024

  1. Helium’s ticker sign is HNT globally.
  2. Cryptoslate currently rates HNT’s coin at number 117.
  3. Each HNT token will cost each buyer approximately USD 3.17.
  4. Each HNT coin’s value will shrink by 0.80 percent (%).
  5. Helium’s buying price dropped by 9.60 percent (%) in under 24 hours.
  6. HNT’s value sunk by 5.40 percent (%) in a week.

Estimated Helium’s (HNT) Market Capability and Trading Volume

Today, experts estimate HNT’s market cap at USD 571M (million), a notable increase from the previous year. On the other hand, this cryptocurrency’s trade volume is at about USD 5.85M (million) in the last 24 hours alone.

6 Celebrated Cryptocurrency Wallets for Trading HNT Coins in 2024

1 – Coinbase

Professionals recommend Coinbase to all HNT investors for individuals and businesses who want to trade this thriving cryptocurrency in 2024. For example, it has a section that showcases the updated value of different cryptos like XRP and Tether.

Further, it shows the behavior of the latest price change (either increase or decrease) to enlighten investors. Lastly, Coinbase has a user-oriented interface and supports countless global currencies.

2 – Gate.io

Registered Gate.io users can trade this well-performing cryptocurrency, provided they have a credit card or bank account. This crypto site suits clients who prefer spot trading and holding HNT coins until their value skyrockets.

Secondly, Gate.io offers beneficial tools, such as an online calculator, that a trader can use to determine the possible profit.

3 – ByBit

ByBit warrants better profits because it has more investors, considering that the platform has a trading volume of over USD 11B (billion) and recognizes over 1,000 currencies. Traders have more confidence in ByBit because it has multiple-layer authentication requirements and real-time charts.

Finally, the platform proffers customer support 24/7 and has a fast and reliable mobile application (app). Therefore, you should prioritize ByBit for spot and margin trading.

4 – Kriptomat

Kriptomat is a preferable platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) trading to enable you to exchange your BTC or BHC coins with HNT. Secondly, this platform supports several network processors like Mastercard and Visa.

Further, Kriptomat supports reliable payment platforms like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller to help convert your local currency to USD. Finally, you can capitalize on advanced tools like price alerts and comprehensive trading charts.

5 – BitMart

BitMart has reasonable good trading fees that range between 0 and 0.4 percent (%), enabling traders to make more from trading HNT coins. Secondly, this global platform supports global cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Helium, and Ethereum.

Fortunately, BitMart has a dedicated app that investors can download online to trade HNT coins on Android or iOS smartphones.

6 – KuCoin

KuCoin stipulates a self-explanatory procedure for buying HNT coins in 2024 for local and global traders. Investors don’t have to worry about security because KuCoin has 2FA for all users and implements anti-phishing code on its website and mobile app.

Additionally, this cryptocurrency site accepts convenient online payment methods, including:

(i)    Debit card

(ii)   Credit card

(iii)  Bank Transfer

Storing your HNT coins on this website is a good idea because you can retrieve them fast for spot trading, lending, and staking.

HNT’s Relative Strength Index 2024

HNT’s incredible RSI reading of 70 shows investors overbought Helium coins between 2023 and 2024. However, predictors think profit-taking might begin, resulting in the sharp decline of the Relative strength index by a reasonable margin.

Predicted HNT’s Buying Price 2025

Shockingly, experts presume that the HNT token’s cost will soar to USD 14 before 2025 ends.

Helium (HNT) Cost Projection 2026

Unfortunately,2026 won’t be an exciting year for HNT traders because profit-taking will be relatively colossal throughout the year. Therefore, the existing liquidity won’t manage to support price increment, triggering a drop in the selling price to USD 10.50. 

Anticipated Helium’s Price Prediction 2027

The discouraging news is that the bearish behavior of HNT tokens will persist into 2027, lowering their prices to USD 8.95 by November. Similarly, HNT’s ecosystem will experience regulatory measures that might worsen this crypto’s selling price.

Estimated HNT’s Cost in 2028

Interestingly, HNT’s buying price will bounce back by June 2028, hitting a new high of USD 20.

Helium Cost Estimation 2029

The bullish momentum will slow down in multiple months in 2029, raising the price of HNT tokens to over USD 23.

HNT’s Price Projection 2030

The encouraging news is that predictors say the HNT’s value might buck the odds and rise to over USD 30. Today, the crypto community thinks that HNT coin’s price will soar by at least 50 percent (%) in the past 6 and 8 months of 2030.

Expected HNT’s Price Fluctuation 2040

Increased penetration of IoT might push the demand for HNT coins to a new level, resulting in an HNT price increment of USD 37.42. Similarly, the HNT token’s cost might balloon by a large percentage because the fundamentals will favor it.


  1. What’s Crypto Experts’ Price Forecast for HNT by 2050?

Helium’s value will survive the unforeseen resistance in 2050 and jump to at least USD 39.20. Likewise, this crypto’s highest price will spring to USD 52.70 in under 10 (ten) years due to increased demand.

  1. What is the Current Value of a Helium (HNT) Coin?

A new buyer will spend at least USD 5 to acquire one HNT coin on various cryptocurrency websites. However, the buying price might reach about USD 9.50 by the end of November or mid-December.

  1. How Long Will It Take for Helium Coin to Hit USD 10?

Generally, Crypto wizards predict that Helium’s buying cost will reach over USD 10 by mid-2028 if this cryptocurrency rebounds.

  1. How Did HNT’s Price Behave in the Past One Week?

Unfortunately, a HNT’s value decreased by nearly 5 percent (%) to USD 3.1740.


HNT investors must be patient because this token’s prices are volatile based on demand and supply forces. As proven, HNK’s selling price will take about 26 hours to reach USD 43.67 from the current value of USD 3.1740.