Top Crypto Lending Platforms

As the name already suggests, crypto lending means lending out your crypto assets just like a financial loan. If you have considerable crypto assets in your possession, you can surely act as a lender and may charge some interest in return. But if things are the other way around at the moment and you’re looking for someone to lend you some crypto assets then we have some good news for you. In recent years, many crypto platforms have surfaced offering you crypto assets in short-term and long-term loans.

Here are our top picks for the best crypto lending platforms in 2024 that you should give a try,

Compound Finance


Based in California, Compound Finance is one of the largest global DeFi protocols out there with its complete lending mechanism being regulated and organized by the community itself. The platform’s lending rate with BTC APR fluctuates between the range of 0.04% to 6.5%.

Unchained Capital


Unchained Capital is known for offering Bitcoin-based loans to businesses and individuals alike. Founded in Austin, Texas the platform offers an APR of 12.58 with an estimated LTV ratio of 40% while all the BTC assets are kept within dedicated BTC multisig vaults.


OKX is without a doubt one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges offering crypto lending facilities as well. For the time being, there are around 20 assets that can be loaned using the platform. These assets are further divided based on flexible and fixed rates, for example, USDT is fixed at 2% but popular crypto assets are very competitive and it can be not easy to find good rates for them.


spectro coin

Not many crypto lending platforms have been active member of the global crypto industry since 2013, unlike SpectroCoin. The belarus-based DeFi platform offers exceptionally low APR for borrowers with interest rates ranging between 4.95% and 17.95% with the LTV between 25% to 75%. The platform does facilitate loans that can go from 25 EUR to all the way up to 1 million EUR.



No other platform offers a diverse range of market selection options like Aave, a Swiss-based liquidity protocol that is actually built around 7 networks and targets 13 markets. Lenders can actually benefit from real-time interest rates with the APY anywhere between 0.1% to 18% while the APR is 0.1%(MKR), 0.5%(AAVE), and 1.3%(BUSD) while interest rates are higher for stablecoins.


CoinRabbit is very popular among lenders as the platform allows you to choose from a variety of tokens. Based in London, the platform allows you to lend crypto assets for orders as low as $100. You can also lend assets and earn 10% interest on projects like USDT, USDC, BSC, BUSD, etc. The platform doesn’t charge any kind of platform while maintaining the APR between 12% and 16% with the option to choose from 70 different crypto tokens.


You Hodler

So YouHodler is not entirely focused on lending crypto assets but also allows its users to open savings accounts and earn up to 12% interest on their assets. This Swiss-based platform is actually a pretty good way to earn passive income, however, you need to have a $100 minimum deposit to do so. This platform also allows you to borrow crypto assets from a set of top 50 crypto tokens at the time with an LTV ratio of an all-time high of 90% but with an APR that can go all the way up to 13.68%.



Nebeus is an Irish firm that is actually backed by the country’s central bank and an insurance fund of $100 million. You can actually earn up to 12.85% interest per year by simply lending your crypto assets. You can withdraw your earnings in the form of either EUR or stablecoins after every 24 hours. The firm offers two types of loans, quick loans which are a great option for everyday use and infact come with a 0% interest rate, and flexible loans having an LTV ratio of up to 80% with interest rates ranging between 6% to 13.5%.


Midan.Investment is more focused on generating passive income for its users. The platform allows investors to keep their crypto funds and manage their personal accounts while in return offering an APY between 9% and 18%. There is no limit to how much assets you can manage using your personal accounts but the platform does increase the APY by 2%-3% if you’re investing your funds in the MIDAS token via high-risk strategies.

Mango Markets


Mango Markets, a Solana-based DEX, offers automatic interest on deposits and collateralized loans. Interest rates vary based on pool utilization, visible alongside existing deposits and borrowing APR. The platform supports 14 crypto assets including many popular stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.



Nexo, regulated by EU authorities, oversees assets for 4 million users across 200 jurisdictions. Borrowers access loans starting from 0% APR, while lenders earn up to 16% interest paid daily while the APR ranges from 0% to 13.9%.

Final Note

The rise of crypto lending platforms is surely a positive sign as the global crypto industry is expanding at an exponential rate with more and more enthusiasts trying to test the waters. Utilizing the potential of a crypto lending platform is infact a really great idea, just make sure that you do your relevant research and select the platform that is most suitable for you in every aspect, specifically in terms of interest rates. If you’re still not sure about finding the right crypto lending platform for yourself, you can select any of the above-mentioned platforms and start your crypto journey today!

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