Top AI Crypto Coins

We all know that the world of crypto is ever-changing and ever-expanding with new tokens launching every single day. Recently, a new addition has been made to the global crypto space in the form of AI crypto coins. Just like other sectors of life, AI has now found its way to the global crypto market with popular new coins utilizing the potential of AI to improve user experience, scalability, and security within the blockchain ecosystem. These AI coins also regulate transactions over the blockchain with the ability to detect any illicit activity. Here are our best picks for the top 5 AI crypto coins to keep an eye on in 2024,


the render network

Render is an Ethereum blockchain-based GPU solution providing a network allowing users to use the platform for VFX rendering, motion graphics, and animation. Now, you need to utilize the RNDR token within the network to access various features. Creators and Node operators are the two core stakeholders on the network with creators utilizing the massive GPU potential of the network and generating high-quality images and visual content while Node operators make sure that the processing power is efficiently distributed to the creators. For their services, both stakeholders receive tokens as rewards. Currently, the RNDR token has a trading value of $4.55 with an estimated market capitalization of $1.7 billion.



Injective Protocol more commonly referred to as the INJ is a DeFi platform enabling seamless and secure trading of digital assets using a decentralized approach. Along with a unique 2-layer protocol, Injective follows a decentralized order book model for permissionless transactions within peer-to-peer trading. This ‘decentralized’ approach of financing has attracted several investors for Injective skyrocketing the INJ token price to a current trading value of $33.95 and an estimated total market capitalization of $3 billion.


oasis network

With a focus on scalability, privacy, and adaptability, Oasis is a layer 1 decentralized blockchain network gaining popularity within the global crypto market. Oasis’s architecture allows traders to enjoy a high throughput with a minimal gas fee. The separation of the consensus mechanism and the smart contract execution are some of the reasons why Oasis is so different from other Web3 applications. With an ecosystem fund amount of $235 million, the native Oasis token is currently being traded at $0.1047 with an estimated market capitalization of $704 million.

Graph GRT

the graph

For its unique distributed ledger technology, Graph GRT is surely gaining popularity among crypto traders and investors alike. The integrated technology bypasses intermediaries and gathers data independently. It also leverages the GraphQL language for seamless access and creating a worldwide APU (Application Programming Interface) designed to efficiently index and organize data. The Graph GRT protocol indexes blockchain data similar to Google’s web indexing. To overcome challenges posed by numerous smart contracts, it utilizes subgraphs. These subgraphs function as open APIs, streamlining data retrieval from the blockchain. The Graph GRT native token GRT is currently traded at a base price of $0.1559 with a total market capitalization of $1.46 billion.


Based on the current market trends, AGIX is definitely one of the most sought-after crypto tokens as a native transaction unit for the SingularityNET platform. The best thing about SingularityNET is that the platform allows its users to trade AI models, training/trading data, and other valuable tools that can aid in the overall development and upgradation of AI technology. AGIX token is currently priced at $0.267 with a total market cap of $2 billion supply and a circulating cap of $1.2 billion.

Final Note

AI is surely changing the world as we know it with more and more industries integrating AI models to facilitate consumers and investors alike. The rise of AI tokens in the world of crypto is surely something to keep an eye on as these tokens can become the next big things within the global crypto marketplace.

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