Beam (BEAM) Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will BEAM Price Hit $1 Soon?


Beam (BEAM) coin is a highly acclaimed privacy blockchain. Since 2019, it has pooled dozens of users due to secure and affordable transactions.

Beam is a gaming platform that has redefined the gaming industry prospects by providing a safe spot for gamers and various stakeholders. BEAM offers users the best opportunity to enjoy the perks of a gaming service entwined with secure DeFi and NFTs. Also, the platform accommodates multiple assets such as DASH, DOGE, BTC, QTUM, and LTC. 

Renowned for its Avalanche proficiencies, BEAM has built a name for itself as a highly acclaimed Proof-of-Authority to verify the trustworthiness of validators. Notably, Beam is congruent with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the Mainnet Subnets Explorer.

Over the years, BEAM has proved experts wrong by maintaining its market cap. Many ask, will this be the trend in coming years? Read on to find out.

Beam (BEAM) Technical Analysis

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  • All time
  • Line chart

TA is a proficient price predictor as it recognizes market trends that allow investors to make data-driven decisions. What are some of its indicators, and how do they work?


Volume refers to the tokens users have traded over time. It gives accurate price changes that allow traders to estimate future prices.

Moving averages

Moving average simplifies price variations and recognizes specific trends. However, this is useful for volatile cryptos such as BEAM.

Relative Strength Index

The RSI is an oscillator that measures price shifts and speeds by analyzing the oversold market coins. 

BEAM’s Market Status Today

Beam has pooled attention from different stakeholders around the globe, especially because it is rooted deep in the Binance workings. As one of the popular gaming projects of this century, BEAM has attracted hundreds of stakeholders in the crypto space and other exchange sites. If BEAM continues this trajectory, it could steer the crypto domain to better heights. Note that analyzing Beam’s future prices plays a role in helping crypto enthusiasts make data-driven decisions. 

The global BEAM’s CoinMarketCap currently stands at $0.02993with a total of 51,506,767,188 in circulation. Recent statistics show that its trading volume is 8.07%, which increased by 13.56% in 24 hours. If you want to invest in BEAM, you can only trade it on, BEAM, ByBit, and Uniswap. BEAM now ranks  52, making it one of the most renowned cryptos globally. Given the recent modifications and features that have engulfed the crypto space, what will happen to BEAM’s price?

Beam Price Prediction 2024

Experts use the MACD indicator to identify potential shifts in the market. Deduct the long-term EMA from the short-term EMA for accurate price predictions. Also, MACD is viewed as a lagging indicator because it cannot accurately predict without past price data. Therefore, it plays an invaluable role in identifying potential crypto market shifts.

Since its price increase, BEAM maintained its 200 SMA – a bullish trend. Although the candlesticks danced along the 200 SMA mark, which suggested the coin was under consolidation. Ultimately, the bullish activity stabilized after BEAM went above 200 SMA. Recently, the coin has experienced more bullish moments, which experts say may end soon.

If more users join the platform and purchase the coin in bulk, its price could surge past its current value. Price predictions indicate that soon, prices might hit the $0.04 mark to $0.1.

BEAM Price Prediction 2025

2025 will still be relishing in the after-effects of Bitcoin, which will have affected its 2024 prices. Many analysts denote that this might hugely impact the crypto space. Also, as is the case with altcoins, BEAM will soar to better levels. The 2025 price predictions suggest that the coin might trade beyond the $1.22 pass mark.

BEAM Price Prediction 2026

Crypto experts suggest that 2026 might not look good for the platform. BEAM’s price might reduce after a long run of bullish seasons. If more users hop on the coin, its prices could stabilize by the end of that year and hopefully sell at $0.98.

BEAM Price Prediction 2027

2027 might be Beam’s year after a long period of poor prices. BEAM will break market stereotypes and proceed with a bearish move that might reach $2.046 by the end of the year.

BEAM Price Prediction 2028

The crypto community will be all hands on deck this year, especially with the halving of Bitcoin. As will be the case with most altcoins at the time, BEAM will experience an unprecedented upward spike that could propel it to $4.857 before the end of the year.

BEAM Price Prediction 2029

Due to the ripple effects of the BTC halving, crypto traders and enthusiasts cogitate that the prices might stabilize in the first half of the year. Also, given that the market will have stabilized in 2029, the price of BEAM might trade at $4.961.

BEAM Price Prediction 2030

After a seasonal run of bullish activities for approximately five years, many altcoins, including the BEAM, might enjoy minor spikes. Therefore, by the end of the year, the price could hit $4.538.

BEAM Price Prediction 2040

Seasonal price predictors state that BEAM could break the market cap. However, the coin might plummet before surging again – the price might soar to $15.376.

BEAM Price Prediction 2050

By 2050, most people will have jumped on the crypto bandwagon, allowing BEAM to maintain its bullish gains. By the end of the year, BEAM will have surpassed its precedented mark of $26.821.

NOTE: These forecasts chartered above may change over time due to the volatility and unpredictability of the crypto space. Although some of these prediction methods do not guarantee a safe forecast, they are invaluable in the crypto space. However, ensure that you research further from various resources to make informed decisions. Ultimately, Beam might be a good investment if it continues with its upward trajectory.


Beam is a gaming token that streamlines the gaming ecosystem by allowing developers to craft online games encased in maximum security. Note that BEAM is different from the beam blockchain, a platform that gives users better security in their transactions. Over the years, the token has been subject to market changes due to fluctuating market conditions. However, crypto experts and traders are hopeful that its price will stabilize in the coming years.