Best Crypto Prediction Sites

So, you’re a new crypto investor aiming to hit the jackpot and find the ‘next big thing’ through your initial investments. Well, chances for such a thing to happen are surely very thin. However, you can become a facts-focused crypto investor and earn massive profits through your investments in the long run. But for that, you’ll surely need to get up-to-date information from credible crypto prediction sites. Here are our top picks for the best crypto prediction sites in 2024!

1. NewsBTC


NewsBTC is a years-old platform in the crypto industry, known for its cryptocurrency price predictions and technical analysis. It offers daily insights from experienced traders, analyzing charts and signals to forecast bullish or bearish trends accurately.

2. U Today

u today

U.Today provides a diverse range of crypto-related content, including price analysis, opinions from industry leaders, news, guides, and more. It focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tron, and EOS, offering daily analysis based on recent charts and indicators.

3. Wallet Investor

wallet investor

Walletinvestor covers both financial sectors, including forex and crypto, aiming to provide accurate price forecasts and current rates for various currencies. It offers easy-to-understand charts, technical analysis, and comparisons for active traders and holders.

4. CoinGape


CoinGape offers regular price projections for major cryptocurrencies, frequently updating forecasts based on insights from renowned experts and analytics to provide a comprehensive overview of the market.

5. CryptoNewsZ


CryptoNewsZ delivers the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news alongside price analysis for prominent coins like Bitcoin, Stellar, Ethereum, Cardano, and more. It provides regular forecast articles with technical analysis and charts.

6. Trading Beasts

Trading Beast

TradingBeasts specializes in cryptocurrency forecasts, offering monthly projections for over 3900 coins for the next three years. It provides maximum, minimum, and average prices along with technical analysis to assist investors in decision-making.

7. Fxstreet


Fxstreet focuses on analyzing both crypto and forex assets, offering daily reports based on charts and trading cues, suitable for short-term trading. It also provides guides on technical tools, trading strategies, and market regulations.

8. DigitalCoinPrice

Digital Coin Price

DigitalCoinPrice serves as a cryptocurrency tracker and prediction site, offering price projections for listed tokens. Users can track, compare, and add favorite coins to portfolios for better investment decisions.

9. CryptoRating

crypto rating

CryptoRating has been evaluating the cryptocurrency market using machine learning algorithms since 2015. It considers factors like the Crypto Volatility Index to provide comprehensive analysis, predictions, and investor suggestions.

10. CoinPriceForecast

Coin Price Forcaste

CoinPriceForecast integrates deep learning technology to forecast crypto prices, combining time series data, media news, and trading volumes for accurate predictions and real-world outcomes.



Coinpedia covers blockchain technology, digital assets, and decentralized applications, offering insights into crypto trends and frequent updates. It serves as a reliable platform for crypto forecasts and information.


crypto preditions stands out with its long-term forecasts for over 19,000 coins, using mathematical computing to predict prices. The site updates predictions regularly, offering filter options and an automatic currency converter for convenience.

Final Note

Remember, the whole point of consulting a crypto prediction site is to take an overview of current market trends and what kind of realistic price predictions you can make based on the available data. So, do remember to consult multiple sites but invest based on your research and expertise.

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