Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

As 2024 approaches, the number of crypto exchanges that value anonymity above Know Your Customer (KYC) verification is decreasing.

In this article, we’ll explore the best non-KYC cryptocurrency exchanges for 2024, highlighting their features, benefits, and why they’re appealing solutions for people wishing to trade cryptocurrencies anonymously.

What is a Non-KYC Cryptocurrency Exchange?

These exchanges allow users to trade cryptocurrency without going through the authentication process. Users can often register using only their email address and password, or a crypto wallet like MetaMask.

The main appeal of a non-KYC exchange is the preservation of user privacy. In an era of frequent data breaches, many investors and traders are hesitant to share personal information, especially since many crypto exchanges are unregulated. These sites cater to privacy-conscious individuals, guaranteeing that their identities remain hidden.

However, anonymity brings with it a series of challenges. Without KYC, these platforms may become hubs for unlawful activity. Furthermore, they may suffer regulatory crackdowns as governments examine the cryptocurrency market. Users of non-KYC exchanges also lose some protections. For example, having an unverified account can make it more difficult to resolve disagreements or concerns. Also, if the exchange fails, any assets you store there may be lost permanently.

Some of these issues can be avoided by utilizing decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap. These exchanges are not owned by a firm and are unlikely to be required by governments to require KYC verification from their users. Furthermore, DEXs do not retain your coins; instead, they merely pass through them. That implies that if the exchange is hacked, your assets should remain safe in your wallet.

Best Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

Now let’s discuss some of the best non-KYC crypto exchanges.

1. Best Wallet

Best Wallet is a multi-chain wallet, which means you can store money and tokens on many blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain, with Bitcoin coming in the future. This is helpful because it allows you to save all of your crypto assets in one place.

This is also a non-custodial wallet, which means the user controls the private keys to the cryptocurrency held therein. As of this writing, the Best Wallet may only be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

The wallet’s development team has planned six phases. Phase one includes the main wallet functionality, which is now operational. Phase two focuses on in-app token swaps. Phases three and four will include NFTs, a crypto news feed, and crypto education. The final two phases include staking, Bitcoin integration, and multi-chain bridges.

The Best Wallet will launch the BEST token to round out the cryptocurrency landscape. This will be the utility and governance token, unlocking special services such as market analysis tools, fee-free swaps, the ability to receive NFT drops, and more.


  • Multi-chain support.
  • Integrated token swap
  • Available on Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Active Best Wallet and Best DEX users will receive a native token drop.


  • Only accessible as a mobile app, while the browser extension is currently being developed.


MEXC is one of the largest and most popular no-KYC cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a variety of features at cheap fees without requiring you to share your identity.

MEXC provides spot and futures crypto trading for those who do not want to identify themselves, however, the OTC market is inaccessible unless you complete basic KYC. Spot trading offers 0% maker and taker fees, which no other cryptocurrency exchange without KYC can match. Even the finest KYC-compliant exchanges will struggle to beat these numbers.

Futures trading, on the other hand, charges a 0.01% taker fee and a 0% maker cost, which is still lower than other cryptocurrency exchanges.

MEXC does not require you to join up using your email address. You can join up with a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, deposit cryptocurrency, swap it for other cryptocurrencies, or trade it before withdrawing it back into your wallet.


  • Spot and futures trading without KYC.
  • Spot trading fees: 0%
  • High cryptocurrency withdrawal limitations without KYC.
  • Advanced Trading Charts
  • There are over 1,000 coins to pick from.


  • Buying cryptocurrency with fiat currency happens through third parties who require KYC.
    OTC trading is not available without KYC.

3. Margex


Margex is a popular crypto No-KYC trading platform with a mix of high-leverage choices, solid security measures, and user-friendly features that appeal to a wide range of traders.

It offers up to 100x leverage on cryptocurrency futures for investors wishing to maximize their trading profits. However, it is vital to note that this carries additional danger.

The platform uses cutting-edge protocols to protect users’ assets and data. It has an MP Shield System, which is intended to protect against price manipulation by ensuring optimal pricing and liquidity from a wide set of providers.


  • Futures traders can get up to 100x leverage.
  • MP Shield System provides strong security.
  • Includes demo accounts and copy trading.


  • High leverage might increase risk.

4. CoinEx


CoinEx is a Hong Kong-based centralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides crypto spot and futures trading without requiring a KYC process. There’s also margin trading, yield farming as a market maker, and staking idle coins.

This exchange employs the maker/taker fee model, which determines the amount you pay for trading cryptocurrency based on whether you buy it with a market order (taker) or a limit order at a specific price (maker). The beginning charge is 0.2% for both market makers and takers, however you can reduce it by holding CET tokens.

Without KYC, you are limited to $10,000 in cryptocurrency per 24 hours. If you want to extend this limit, you need to verify your account.

Like most crypto exchanges, you can buy cryptocurrency using a credit card, but you can also sell it. However, this process is carried out via third-party services such as MoonPay, AdvCash, and Mercuryo, all of which require KYC on their websites.


  • Spot and futures trading without KYC.
  • Spot trade fees start at 0.2%, although they can be reduced with CET tokens.
  • The withdrawal limit is $10,000 without KYC.
  • Advanced Trading Charts
  • There are over 600 cryptocurrencies to pick from.


  • Buying cryptocurrency with fiat currency happens through third parties who require KYC.
    A limited amount of features.

5. Phemex


Phemex is a cryptocurrency investing and trading platform that allows you to buy crypto with fiat currency and swap it for other cryptocurrencies. There are over 150 cryptocurrency pairs available for trading and swapping without a KYC process.

This works by connecting your MetaMask wallet and depositing crypto from it into Phemex.

You can also purchase cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card, or deposit fiat currency. However, to use these capabilities, you must first register with MoonPay or Mercuryo, depending on which one you choose.


  • Multiple functionalities are available without KYC.
  • Copy and bot trading
  • Spot trading and trading with a 5x margin
  • Staking with Phemex Earn.
  • Various cryptocurrencies to pick from.


  • Fiat onramp via Moonpay or Mercuryo
  • KYC users only have access to VIP features and perks


These are some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that do not require KYC and offer good products and features. The best aspect is that you can create an account in just a few minutes. However, before finishing the registration procedure, it is always a good idea to read through their terms and rules, especially their deposit and withdrawal policies.

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