Best Crypto Savings Accounts List

Crypto savings accounts can provide interest on crypto assets that considerably outperform fiat-based bank or credit union accounts. Of course, that higher interest does not come without danger, so it’s critical to understand how crypto savings accounts work.

How Do Crypto Savings Accounts Work?

Crypto savings accounts work by putting depositors’ assets to work on a variety of tasks that help them earn more money over time.

Many cryptocurrency savings accounts operate similarly to traditional savings accounts. By placing funds into the account, investors grant the provider permission to lend out their funds in quest of yield (e.g., LEDN, NEXO). Some companies accomplish this by lending assets to corporate trading businesses, and others lend straight to other retail clients via overcollateralized crypto loans.

These loans are typically made at a greater interest rate than the firm’s savings account offers depositors, allowing the corporation to benefit from the difference.

Best Crypto Savings Accounts

Let’s take a closer look at what the best cryptocurrency savings accounts offer.

1. Bitcoin Minetrix


Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is one of our top choices for a cryptocurrency savings account and a new Bitcoin mining solution. It provides an impressive 72% APY to early investors, while rates are falling drastically (at one point, exceeding 100,000%).

Yields are expected to stabilize in the double tens upon presale completion but remain enticing to serious investors.

Aside from staking interest incentives, Bitcoin Minetrix is primarily a utility presale. It is involved in the multibillion-dollar Bitcoin mining sector and contributes something fresh to it. It is the world’s first stake-to-mine concept, allowing users to earn Bitcoin using Ethereum smart contracts.

This crypto platform provides three types of ROI: token appreciation, token staking, and token burning for Bitcoin. This distinguishes this platform from many others that only provide APY for holding your tokens.

With Bitcoin Minetrix, users have complete control over their assets, which is not the case with many Bitcoin cloud mining solutions on the market, many of which are fraudulent.

2. Coinbase


Coinbase is one of many prominent cryptocurrency exchanges that provides a staking service called Coinbase Earn, which allows customers to earn a return on their digital assets by utilizing them to secure their respective blockchain networks and receive incentives.

Coinbase Earn now offers 3.25% APY on staked Ethereum and up to 10% on other popular staking commodities.

The number of staking assets available varies depending on the area. According to the firm, all rates are “based on the estimated protocol rate” at the time and “subject to change.”

Coinbase also provides an enterprise staking option for users called Coinbase Cloud. This provides users, developers, and businesses with the capabilities to engage in staking while maintaining complete control over their customers or their assets. It is built on enterprise-grade staking infrastructures, simplifies staking software and hardware management, and guarantees 99% uptime.

3. Kraken

Kraken, founded in 2011, is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that offers staking services, allowing users to earn interest on their crypto investments. It provides a diverse range of digital assets, with over 200 cryptos available for trade. The exchange accepts numerous fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, CHF, JPY, and AUD.

Kraken supports staking for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Algorand (ALGO), Cardano (ADA), Cosmos (ATOM), and others.

Kraken provides bonded and flexible staking terms for certain assets. Bonded staking comprises a defined duration during which your assets are locked and cannot be traded or withdrawn, whilst Flexible staking allows for rapid unstaking at any time.

To stake on Kraken, users’ accounts must be confirmed at the Intermediate level or higher. This process includes providing personal information and paperwork for identification verification.

Staking on Kraken includes depositing cash into your Kraken account, selecting the cryptocurrency to stake, and selecting the staking mode (Bonded or Flexible) as appropriate. You can find your staked assets and rewards in Kraken’s ‘Earn’ section.

4. Binance

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, offers a variety of crypto-based financial products, including a savings account.

Binance Earn allows users to profit from their cryptocurrency holdings through a variety of techniques, including staking and lending. Furthermore, customers can benefit from Binance’s Launchpool by securing their funds in DeFi liquidity pools.

Binance also offers Dual Investment products, which allow customers to lock in their cryptocurrency and automatically “buy low” or “sell high” if the asset’s price passes a particular threshold on a user-specified date. If the price does not pass a certain barrier, customers can maintain their assets and earn a dividend in the meantime.

5. KuCoin

KuCoin offers a diverse product package for crypto investors living outside of the United States, including a trading platform that supports over 700 coins. It also provides KuCoin Earn, which allows users to save and receive cryptocurrency yields.

KuCoin can generate passive rewards for users through blockchain staking, and it also allows users can make yield by lending out other coins.

Unlike other platforms, KuCoin allows users to choose between multiple yield products based on their risk tolerance. Bitcoin users can earn a relatively low and consistent 0.4% APY yield with its “savings” product, or up to 127% APY with its dual investing option. It is important to note that both products have fluctuating rates, and the latter does not provide principal protection.

For Ethereum, staking is ten times more rewarding than saving. Investors can earn 4% yearly profits for staking compared to 0.26% APY earnings from savings yield. Stablecoin returns are lower than on other platforms, with USDT savings at 1.67% APY and USDC savings at 3.5% APY.


If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency savings accounts, consider some of the options we’ve mentioned above. Each of these crypto savings accounts has its own set of rewards and features, so do your research before deciding.

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