Discover How To Buy Binance Coin (BNB) With Credit & Debit Card?

Buy BNB with Credit & Debit Card

Today, crypto traders can use their bank cards to purchase BSC coins in seconds through a reputable cryptocurrency wallet. Generally, many online crypto third parties do not allow customers to use gift, or business cards to trade these coins.

On the bright side, BSC wallets allow cryptocurrency enthusiasts to deposit money into their crypto accounts using their debit cards.

How to Buy Some BNB Coins with Your Debit Card Through CEX.IO

Traders must register on the CEX.IO website to buy, sell, or trade BNB coins at their whims through this wallet. Locate the ‘register’ button and use your email address and country to create an account.

Below is the proposed procedure for purchasing BSC Coins via CEX.IO’s platform.

  1. Visit CEX.IO
  2. Click the ‘Sign In’ button
  3. Enter your password and email (or use your Google account).
  4. Click the ‘Continue’ link
  5. Link your bank card
  6. Select the card you’ll use to make the payment.
  7. Tap the ‘Buy Binance Coin’ after editing the amount.

What International Currencies Does CEX.IO Really Support?

Today, CEX.IO mainly accepts popular currencies, such as the Euro (EUR), Sterling pound (GBP), and the United States dollar (USD) for the buying or selling of BSC coins. However, you can use your local currency to purchase this digital currency if you have an active debit or credit card.

Crypto traders should know that all local currencies are subject to exchange rates. Thus, they must confirm the latest rates beforehand to ensure their bank balance is sufficient for the operation.

Online Binance Coin (BNB) Calculator 2024

A few cryptocurrency exchange sites, like CEX.IO, have a free calculator you can use to know the number of coins you can for each USD 1. You need to provide crucial information like currency and amount for the system to calculate the tokens you will get when you tap the ‘Buy Binance Coin’ button.

What Payment Cards Do Many BSC Wallets Recognize?

Interestingly, good Binance Smart Chain wallets support internationally renowned payment processors, such as Visa and MasterCard. However, you must ensure your card is active (not expired) for the crypto exchange site to process the transaction.

Secondly, confirm your balance before initiating the transaction to ensure your operation executes successfully.

Do Some Software Crypto Wallets Allow Direct Bank Transfers?

Yes, they do! A handful of crypto exchange sites support swift bank transfer and SEPA to assist traders in withdrawing fiat money after selling their BNB coins. The exchange sites can convert digital assets like BSC coins to fiat currency to facilitate direct withdrawal to a trader’s bank account.

You need to fill out the following details to withdraw successfully.

  • Currency
  • Bank account type
  • Account number
  • Wallet name
  • Amount (in USD)
  • BIC

The standout of this option is that a crypto trader foots lower transaction fees than those who use their credit cards. However, you may have to wait between 24 hours and 96 business days for the amount to reflect in your bank account.

Fact-based Advantages of Buying Binance (BSC) Coin with Fiat Money

Many online NFT wallets don’t allow traders to use commodity money to purchase Binance coins. Here are some spectacular merits of acquiring these coins with your debit or credit card.

Saves You Time

Buying or selling BNBs with your bank account is that you receive confirmation instantaneously. The coins usually reflect in the trader’s cryptocurrency account very fast- so you can trade without hindrances.

Convenient For Investing

Secondly, deep-pocketed traders can use their money to purchase these coins and give them a few months to appreciate. They can later re-sell them when their price skyrockets and pocket ridiculous profits.

Can Committed Traders Earn with BNB Coins?

Yes, they can! Cryptocurrency geniuses say that an investor can enjoy an unheard-of reward rate of 0.83 percent (%) or more from storing BSC coins. Remember that crypto investors can hold their BNB coins until they appreciate or invest in other pricey digital assets, including DAI or USDC.

What Should a Crypto Enthusiast Do After Buying BNB Coins Through an NFT Wallet?

Trade Your BNB Coins

Firstly, you can trade them once they are reflected in your cryptocurrency exchange account. However, this option is strictly sensible when the trading fees are relatively low. 

Hold Your Binance Coins

Secondly, an intelligent trader may hold their cryptocurrency until its value increases to re-sell it online at a juicy profit. Technically, BNB coins shoot, especially when more companies or individuals need them simultaneously, benefitting traders with sufficient tokens.

The beauty of many cryptocurrency exchange sites is that they can hold different types of cryptos. Further, you can earn good money from crypto rewards (up to 15 percent) that some wallets offer when you hoard your BSC coins for at least 12 months (one year).

Sell Your BSC Coins

Lastly,CEX.IO allows you to sell your cryptocurrency if you wish to and receive good money directly to your debit card.

Some Common FAQs

What Order Type Should a Trader Select When Buying Binance Coins?

Many acclaimed NFT wallets, such as CEX.IO only support limits and markets. A trader should opt for a market order when they wish to sell or purchase an asset at the most reasonable cost, depending on the order book.

Unfortunately, a cryptocurrency person can’t cancel such an order when they change their mind. Contrarily, a limit order authorizes a trader to edit the amount you hope to spend to buy or sell Binance coin (BNB).

Why Using a Credit Card to Buy BSC Coins Can Be a Bad Idea

Many cryptocurrency wallets charge an exorbitant fee to process these transactions than debit card operations. Therefore, a trader should choose the latter to reduce the applicable fees to pocket more profits during withdrawals.

Further, crypto gurus also warn that relying on a credit card for deposits can lower the value of your digital investment in the long run.

Does a Limit Order Support Partial Execution of a BNB Operation?

Yes, it does! A limit order completes when it detects sufficient volume in the other orders. However, partial execution can occur when insufficient volume is available in the contrary orders.


CEX.IO and other NFT wallets have enabled traders to purchase any cryptocurrency conveniently, provided they have money in their debit cards. Investing in digital currency isn’t in vain because it is relatively volatile, implying you can pocket mind-blowing profits.