How BTC Customers Can Transact Cash Deposits Via Modern Digital Wallets

Trading is more fun today as you can deposit cash in your crypto account with cash or use credit cards. You will soon learn the new ways of depositing to your digital wallet in seconds, even when you have wads of local notes.

Buying BTC Through A Bitcoin ATM Machine in 2024

Interestingly, crypto clients can visit a nearby BTC ATM kiosk to purchase this digital currency with cash. Usually, this standalone machine features a digital wallet app you can use if you have an account with a particular crypto company.

Generally, Coinme and Coinhub operate many Bitcoin ATMs in many countries. A registered user must insert their bank card or cash into the ATM to initiate the process.

Feel free to log in to your Coinhub or Coinme account to confirm if the bank has sent the funds there.

Regularly, ATM operators levy a pocket-friendly transaction fee whenever you deposit through their machines.

5 Guaranteed Pros of Using BTC ATM Machines

Below is an elaborate list of reasons to depend on ATMs for buying or selling digital coins.

Better Privacy

The beauty of this option is that you don’t have to submit confidential details to a third party. For example, you don’t need to enter your card’s security code or account number, guaranteeing confidentiality.

They Support Local Currencies

Unlike digital wallets, all ATM kiosks can recognize local currency and convert it to USD to process a Bitcoin transaction. As a result, a customer can trade efficiently regardless of their physical location.

No Bank Account Requirement

Thirdly, customers don’t need a bank card to deposit money into their digital wallet account. Remember, you can insert bank notes into the ATM and deposit them into your Coinbase account.


Financial experts advise crypto clients to use BTC ATMs because their transactions are non-custodial. Therefore, they don’t have to submit personal details like their card number- thus hackers pose no direct threat to them.

No Deposit Limits

Bitcoin ATMs are the best solution for users with limited or excess cash for a reason. Recall that nearly all digital wallets limit the minimum and maximum amounts for bank transfers to counter money laundering.

Is It Possible To Get Bitcoin With An E-Wallet?

Yes, it is! Some digital wallets, such as CEX.IO, authorize the clients to purchase this currency with Skrill or E-pay. Here is a free step-by-step guide for all CEX.IO users worldwide.

  1. a) Open CEX.IO site
  2. b) Sign in to your account and locate the ‘Buy BTC’ option
  3. c) Click the ‘Add funds’ link
  4. d) Locate the payment options
  5. e) Select Skrill or E-pay
  6. f) Write the linked email address

The system will redirect you to Skrill’s website to allow you to sign in and launch the transaction. You can only transact with an e-wallet, provided you use the same email address for your CEX.IO and Skrill (or e-Pay).

Unknown to crypto customers, e-wallet transactions may take between 3 and 24 hours to complete.

Getting BTC Coins from Licensed Offline Cash Dealers

Nowadays, Bitcoin customers can acquire these digital currencies from a certified cash dealer. However, this option is relatively risky unless you do it on a P2P platform so that it can act as a guarantor.

Purchasing BTC with Your Debit Cards through a Cryptocurrency Site

All online cryptocurrency wallets permit crypto clients to buy these coins with their bank cards, provided it’s active. However, you must link the debit card with the wallet for the transaction to finish successfully.

Kindly utilize the calculator to know the amount you must deposit for the wallet to sell certain Bitcoin coins.

Can I Make a Cash Deposit to My Crypto Account Via Bank Transfer?

Sure, you can! Good digital wallets provide reliable bank transfer systems like SWIFT or SEPA to help Bitcoin customers. However, you must choose this option as your preferred payment method to initiate this process with your bank details.

How Interested US Users Can Buy BTC with their Apple Pay in 2024

Surprisingly, US-based customers (with iPhones) can make instantaneous cash deposits to their digital wallet account with Google or Apple Pay. The steps may differ depending on the crypto website you use for your BTC transactions.

The following is the procedure for all customers with a BitPay account today.

1) Open your BitPay account (or app)

2) Tap the ‘Buy’ button on the dashboard

3) Select ‘Bitcoin” and your preferred currency

4) Go to the payment method section

5) Choose ‘Apple Pay’

6) Check the available offers for selection

Lastly, follow the subsequent instructions to deposit funds in your crypto account for trading or another investment.

Paying for BTC Coins with Your PayPal Account

Fortunately, all traders within the United States can rely on PayPal to pay when purchasing BTC coins in 2024. Firstly, you must sign in to your online crypto wallet and select ‘PayPal’ as your preferred payment method.

After that, tap the ‘Buy’ option after entering the amount of money you’d like to deposit into your crypto account. Typically, your BTC transaction needs a few minutes to process if you have a secure and fast-speed wireless connection (Wi-Fi).

What Crypto Sites Allow Customers to Make Cash Deposits?

Technically, hundreds of crypto wallets permit their clients to deposit funds to purchase Bitcoin with their cash or bank cards. For example, you can try out the following digital wallets.


Surprisingly, this digital platform is available in nearly all continents, including Africa, Asia, and North America. The remarkable news is that this wallet authorizes users to deposit funds with their debit or credit card.

B. BitGo

Secondly, you can sign up with BitGo and rely on a debit card or an e-wallet to buy or sell your BTC coins. Similarly, this digital wallet is available in countless countries, such as Algeria, the United States, and Europe.


You can access a BTC ATM kiosk in major shopping malls or big 5-star restaurants in cities or large towns. Therefore, you can convert your hard cash to Bitcoin to invest in company shares or re-sell the coins at a higher price afterward. However, relying on online BTC transactions can be safer if you wish to invest a large amount of money.