Step-By-Step Procedure For Buying BTC With Your Skrill Balance

Crypto enthusiasts don’t have to pause their trading activities because they can use Skrill to pay more BTC coins. Unlike SWIFT bank transfers, Skrill transactions usually take a few seconds if you have a good quality wireless connection (Wi-Fi).

This in-depth guide will vouchsafe applicable Skrill transaction fees, deposit limits, and the merits of relying on this system to buy Bitcoin.

How To Obtain Bitcoin Through Skrill In 2024

Here is the recommended procedure for getting BTC coins to your crypto wallet with Skrill.

  1. Browse CEX.IO and log in to your account.
  2. Tap the ‘Deposit’ section on the homepage.
  3. Choose GBP, USD, or EUR (preferred currency).
  4. Write the amount you wish to deposit.
  5. Activate the ‘Skrill’ radio button.
  6. Select your country of residence and tap the ‘Proceed’ button.
  7. Process the order in your Skrill account with the indicated number.

Re-load your CEX.IO to confirm whether they have received the amount Skrill has released upon request.

2 Factors To Consider When Buying BTC With Skrill

BTC Price

A trader needs to establish what factors trigger the volatility of BTC to know the right time to purchase this digital asset. For example, they should buy it when the price is relatively low to rake in good returns when they sell them online.


Secondly, always confirm the updated deposit limits to ensure your transaction executes successfully.

Lastly, you should check out additional information, such as the applicable transaction fees.

Does Skrill Impose A Fee To Process BTC Deposits?

Yes, it does! Technically, Skrill levies a sensible amount for deposits or withdrawals, regardless of the amount. For example, a trader must pay a minimum fee of 3.99 percent (%) to approve a Bitcoin deposit.

On the other hand, this payment system deducts a 1 percent (%) to process each withdrawal from a digital wallet.

Can I Withdraw My CEX.IO Balance to My Skrill Account Today?

Sure, you can! Feel free to follow these steps to withdraw cash from your CEX.IO account to Skrill without a hassle.

  1. Open your CEX.IO account.
  2. Cast around for the ‘Withdraw’ option.

III. Select your preferred international currency.

  1. Edit the withdrawal amount.
  2. Choose the Skrill checkbox
  3. Tap the withdraw button.

VII. Use a 2FA code to confirm your withdrawal request.

A trader must ensure their Skrill and CEX.IO email addresses match for the system to process this transaction.

Current Minimum And Maximum BTC Deposits With Skrill

The good news is that Skrill allows a trader to transfer at least USD 35 from this account to a digital wallet for trading. Conversely, this payment system sets an upper limit of USD 10,000 for various crypto sites.

Top Cryptocurrencies That Traders Can Purchase With Their Skrill Balance

Surprisingly, traders can purchase or sell about forty (40) cryptocurrencies through this online payment system (Skrill). Some of these include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Solana
  • Avax
  • Dogecoin
  • Tether
  • Ethereum

Fascinatingly, you can use your Skrill account to buy 60 additional cryptocurrencies to your digital wallet (CEX.IO).

How to Know the Required Skrill Balance for Certain BTC Coins

Thank Goodness- digital wallets like CEX.IO have a free tool customers can use to know the needed Skrill balance. You can adjust the amount until the calculator computes your preferred total BTC.

Generally, this free tool calculates the amount in popular currencies, such as Euros, American Dollars, or Sterling Pound.

How to Add Bitcoin to Your BitValve Account with Skrill Today

Do you have a BitValve account? You can use your Skrill account to add more BTC for convenient trading or to purchase other assets.

  1. a) Visit Bitvalve and click the more options link.
  2. b) Click the ‘Sign in’ button.
  3. c) Use your email address and security code to log in.
  4. d) Sniff out and click the ‘Buy’ button.
  5. e) Peruse available offers

Feel free to follow the same procedure to obtain BTC with Skrill using the BitValve app on your Android or iPhone.

Can I Use My Skrill App to Deposit Funds to My Crypto Wallet?

Yes, you can! A trader can visit the Skrill website or the official mobile app to authorize a cash deposit to their crypto account. Remember that you only need the order number and email address to initiate the deposit transaction.

5 Comprehensive Benefits of Acquiring BTC with Skrill in 2024

Pocket-Friendly Fees

Firstly, traders don’t spend much, especially when they have a medium transaction size. Therefore, this payment option is more pocket-friendly when a trader needs to deposit a small amount to their online digital wallet.

Free Currency Conversion

The beauty of Skrill is that it can convert a trader’s local currency into USD, GBP, or Euro at request for free. Therefore, they can purchase BTC without a hassle because many online digital wallets strictly recognize US dollars.

It Guarantees Confidentiality

Thirdly, Skrill does not need one to enter personal information when initiating these deposits. Usually, a user only needs an order number and email address to authorize Skrill to process the cash deposit to a digital wallet.

Sensible Deposit Limits

Unlike bank transfers, Skrill sets a minimum deposit limit of USD 35 for each BTC purchase. On the other hand, the payment system allows each trader to transfer around USD 10,000 (maximum) to acquire BTC to their crypto account.

Available Globally

Many payment systems like SEPA usually support domestic crypto deposits-hence unsuitable for international users. Contrarily, Skrill is available in hundreds of countries in Europe, Africa, and North America.

Therefore, more people can use it to deposit money in their crypto platform to add their BTC balance conveniently.

Notable Countries that Don’t Support BTC Deposits with Skrill

Unfortunately, you can’t deposit money to your crypto site with Skrill if you’re within the following territories.

  1. Angola
  2. Barbados
  3. Djibouti
  4. Fiji
  5. Chad
  6. Rwanda
  7. Zimbabwe
  8. Yemen
  9. Turkey
  10. Venezuela


Almost all crypto platforms, including CEX.IO, allow their traders to deposit funds with Skrill. Recall that you only need the reference order number and email address to sanction the transaction and thus your Skrill balance is safe. Additionally, you can use your Mastercard or Visa card to add more funds to your Skrill account from your local bank account.