Comprehensive Guide On Buying BTC Coins With Your Bank Account

Crypto enthusiasts don’t have to stop trading because they have exhausted their BTC coins since a convenient deposit option is available. For example, they can count on their debit or credit card to acquire more coins in seconds if they have enough money.

Can I Rely on CEX.IO to Purchase BTC in 2024?

Sure, you can! CEX.IO is a dependable Bitcoin wallet because it allows traders to purchase this digital currency with their debit or credit card. The following is the recommended procedure for acquiring these cryptocurrency coins in 2024.

  1. Browse CEX.IO’s website.
  2. Click the ‘Sign In’ button.

III. Write your registered email address and security code.

  1. Use the ‘Forgot password’ link if you can’t recall this login detail.
  2. Click the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. Locate the ‘Bitcoin’ link, and then use the ‘Buy’ button to initiate this transaction.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Direct Bank Transfer

The good news is that customers can acquire BTC with their bank account, provided they have particular information. Similarly, they must have a sufficient bank balance because international bank transfer fees are relatively high.

Currently, bank transfers support particular payment options, such as:

  • SEPA

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open your CEX.IO account (or another digital wallet)
  2. Search out the ‘Deposit’ section
  3. Choose the bank transfer payment option
  4. Enter necessary bank details (name, Swift details, and account number)

Interestingly, digital wallets don’t require customers to prove the source of their funds to approve such online transactions.

Today, SWIFT sets a minimum deposit of USD 150, particularly for all customers within the United States.

Do Digital Wallets Support Domestic Bank Transfers for BTC Purchases?

Yes, they do! Cryptocurrency websites in specific regions like Europe and the USA have several domestic payment systems, such as SEPA and AHC, for such transactions. However, this transaction may take between 24 and 48 hours to complete- hence the bought BTC coins won’t reflect immediately.

Can Cryptocurrency Customers Purchase Bitcoin with a Credit Card?

Yes, they can! Nearly all digital wallets allow crypto customers to purchase these coins with their active credit cards. However, you must type crucial information, such as its expiry date, credit card number, and verification value, for the wallet to process the transaction. 

How to Make Your Bitcoin Transactions More Secure in 2024

Create Stronger Passwords

Many crypto experts usually request all their clients to use a unique password for their digital wallet accounts. For example, they should use letters, numbers, and symbols to create the security code for better safety.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Crypto customers should enable this option to add a layer of protection to their accounts. For example, you can add a security question and answer to ensure nobody can access your account without your authority.

Connect To Secure Wi-Fi

Thirdly, a crypto client should strictly rely on a password-secure wireless connection to transact or trade online. Usually, such Wi-Fi can encrypt confidential data, like ATM card details and passwords, to prevent unauthorized access to your bank or cryptocurrency account.

Logout Your Accounts

Lastly, you should sign out of your digital wallet account after transacting or trading for heightened safety.

Can Bitcoin Enthusiasts Know How Many BTC Coins They Will Receive Beforehand?

Sure, they can! Unbeknownst to a few, CEX.IO has a free calculator that computes the coins based on the amount you have. For example, a crypto enthusiast will receive 0.0026 BTC if they have USD 200.

Top International Currencies that CEX.IO Prefer for Bitcoin Purchases

International cryptocurrency wallets, like CEX.IO, prefer Euros, Sterling Pound, and the United States Dollar. However, customers outside these regions can buy these digital coins in their local currency with their Visa or MasterCard.

4 Attention-grabbing Merits of Buying BTC with their Bank Account

Saves You Money

Surprisingly, some local and international payment options do not levy a transaction fee for BTC sales or purchases. Therefore, you can buy BTC for free to re-sell or trade once the coins reflect in your digital wallet account.


Digital coins reflect in a customer’s account fast, because the transactions end within minutes. Don’t forget to link your bank account to initiate the transaction so that it ends without a hassle.

Reasonable Purchase Limit

The beauty of bank transfer is that it allows you to transact a reasonable amount (USD) at once. As a result, you can buy more BTC coins, enabling you to trade more at a lower transaction fee.

Highly Secure

Online cryptocurrency wallets have incredible network protocols like HTTPS and SSL to safeguard your confidential details. Therefore, the system encrypts your credit or debit card information, such as the card’s security code.

Why Crypto Experts Recommend Debit Cards Over Credit Cards for all BTC Transactions

No Transaction Fees

Shockingly, customers pay a hefty amount whenever they use their credit cards to purchase BTC coins online. Contrarily, the clients pay no money (or low fee) if they use their debit cards to conduct these crypto transactions.

Fast Transaction Processing

Secondly, the wallets take fewer seconds to complete such transactions since you must link your Visa or MasterCard. Therefore, a crypto enthusiast can resume their cryptocurrency journey shortly after exhausting the existing BTC balance.

What You Should Do After Depositing BTC into Your Digital Wallet

A trader can re-sell their BTC after observing the price chart for a few minutes or hours. Similarly, they can trade the coins when their value increases to earn good profits.

Lastly, customers with many digital coins can use their balance to purchase shares of notable firms like a Bitcoin mining organization.

3 Digital Wallets You Should Consider for Fast BTC Deposits with Your Bank Account


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency website, especially in the US and multiple European countries. Generally, it supports fast payments with SEPA for all Bitcoin transactions at a minimum transaction fee of $10.


Secondly, investors can depend on this digital wallet to deposit BTC coins for trading or re-selling later on. However, you must note that this popular platform is currently not for US-based users.

European customers can count on eToro to conduct quick ACH transfers to buy bitcoins or withdraw money to their bank accounts.


Lastly, international customers can deposit between USD 5 and USD 10,000 to their account with a bank transfer. However, this platform sets a maximum monthly limit, and thus you must confirm this information beforehand.