A Comprehensive Guide on How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) With Prepaid Card

With the prevalence of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, banks and payment providers are making everything facile by creating numerous payment preferences. Every single person, irrespective of residence, can search for the available method of payment that suits them as long as it is accessible and legalized in their residential country. The existing array of services helps customers draw the most rewards from the crypto market.

Many companies have ventured into the bitcoin trade by presenting a range of safe alternatives to trade, buy, purchase, store, and make money through digital funds. A good example is CEX.IO, which began as a Centralized Exchange and has advanced into a complete crypto experience. 

A prior introduction is significant before joining the buy-and-sell Bitcoin network. Since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, CEX.IO has been the front-line pioneer with other platforms to introduce interested companies and individuals to the innovative application of prepaid cards.

Guide On Purchasing Bitcoin With A Prepaid Card

Today, the CEX.IO platform has a network of diverse services that permit consumers to easily purchase, trade, sell, and profit from their assets with Bitcoin. Another added benefit is the easy use of credit and debit cards to make direct payments with just a few clicks. This article is a simple breakdown of how payment cards make things easy for investors.

You must have a registered account before anyone can buy, sell, or trade on the CEX.IO platform. Nevertheless, this is simple because anybody can use their active email address. You will also need to verify or confirm your address using a link or a unique code sent to the email address during registration. From there, the platform will constantly keep updating you on any essential dealings or transactions as they come up.

The Three Easy Steps

  1. Option one is to download the CEX.IO mobile app or open the CEX.IO official website and click on register.
  2. If your company needs to use CEX.IO, you have the option of an individual or business account.
  3. Using your active email address to start the registration process, establish a memorable password and some personal details such as official name (first and last name), residential place, or country.

You might be wondering why a Bitcoin website could be asking for personal info; 

CEX.IO is a registered platform offering services to more than 4 million customers from different countries. CEX.IO serves close to 200 countries globally. As a result, some governments mandate CEX.IO to procure operation permits for Crypto sites. Owing to these requirements, the website must identify its clients and guarantee high-level safety standards for the information presented and funds.

Additionally, CEX.IO observes the intercontinental anti-money laundering regulation policies. According to the AML rules, every single crypto exchange, a network that offers cryptocurrency storage services for or facilities that consent to buy Crypto for agreement investments, ought to abide by the same laws as conventional money institutions, including KYC procedures and consistent monitoring of transactions.

Therefore, by opening an account with CEX.IO, be assured of zero tolerance for illegal dealings, and no funds are used for corrupt practices or terrorism.

Guide On Using Your Payment Card On CEX.IO For Crypto Purchases

Before deciding to buy Bitcoin through bank transfer or probably using your prepaid credit card, it is crucial to confirm that your bank allows such transactions or, in simple terms, is crypto-friendly.

After registration and confirming with your bank, you can link your card to your newly opened CEX.IO account to assist in direct or instant Bitcoin purchases, deposits, and withdrawals.

  • Visit the Cards page;
  • Feed in your card number;
  • Enter or run the expiry date.

One key point to note on the CEX.IO platform is that no photos are required to accompany your payment card. However, later, when you deposit funds using your card, you are required to verify it using the CVV code and the 3DS code from the bank.

To make instant deposits and purchase Cryptocurrencies using your card;

  • Qualify the identity verification. 
  • Click on your profile, 
  • Select verification, and 
  • Click on Start adjacent to the first stage.

Purchase Crypto Promptly With Your Prepaid Card

  1. Choose which Crypto you need to purchase. It could be a common coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, or another among the 70+ Crypto validated on CEX.IO.
  2. Select the currency on the Buy dropdown list on the buy or sell page. Four boxes show the standard amounts picked by other buyers, and another part enters your preferred amount. The instant amount you pay is calculated using the present market rate.
  3. Immediately, if you are confident of the amount to invest, click on buy. The subsequent page presents every detail of the transaction, i.e., price, amount, fees to pay, commission on deposit, etc. Here, you select the payment method you prefer: credit or debit card or the account balance portrayed on your CEX.IO account.
  4. Finally, to check your account balance, visit the finance page.

Card Type To Choose For Crypto

Visa card on CEX.IO – as for visa cards, there are no restrictions since they are viewed as creative technology, which is a crucial part of the banking system. Thus, purchasing Bitcoin using your prepaid Visa card is not a problem.

Mastercard on CEX.IO — Using MasterCard cards on Crypto are not new; it is now mainstream in the digital world. As a result, MasterCard credit, debit, and prepaid cards can be used to transact on CEX.IO.

Other Sites To Buy BTC With Payment Cards

Other places where a customer can get Crypto or bitcoin with a payment card are P2P platforms. Investors assemble and exchange their monies in these places without third parties involved.

Bitcoin ATMs operate like payment terminals, though rather than using cash, the investors receive a BTC address with some coins. However, access to a wallet through a distinct online service with your digital money is still vital.


CEX.IO is a clear-cut and appropriate site for trading, buying, selling, and making cryptocurrency rewards. The business observes the world’s regulations for offering financial services, allowing CEX.IO to work in 193 nations. Its comprehensible interface permits clients to discover the options they require speedily. Lastly, the robust dealings with payment providers and banks enable various payment selections for clients.