Fetch.ai Cost Estimation Between 2024 and 2030

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Prediction

FET’s primary concentration is on helpful AI agents that can perform simple tasks for a person, such as preparing appointments. The blockchain industry, including investors, has embraced FET well because it is a dependable medium of exchange.

For example, about 3000 tycoons invested in FET through Binance because it showed an impressive potential for growth. As a result, Fetch.ai made about USD 6 million from this investment, enabling it to grow even further.

6 Brief Facts About Fetch.ai (FET) 2024

  1. Fect.ai’s international symbol or short name is FET.
  2. FET is currently the sixty-forth (64) powerful coin globally.
  3. FET’s current price is around USD 1.588124.
  4. FET’s value dropped by 22.40 percent in the past week.
  5. FET’s price reduced by 4.87 percent (%) in the past day (24 hours)
  6. Fetch.ai’s cost has diminished by 0.41 percent in the last 60 minutes (1 hour)

Full Definition of Fetch.ai (FET)

Fetch.ai is a stable cryptocurrency that has existed since 2017 on multiple crypto websites. Toby, Thomas Hain, and Humayan Sheikh developed FET in 2017 to link various players like organizations and people over one network.

Initially, these founders released Fetch.ai on Ethereum to fundraise good funding from sales. Surprisingly, this impressive coin has a shocking trading volume (24 hours) of over USD 180M.

Further, this international cryptocurrency has an awe-inspiring market capability of over USD 1.70 Billion.

4 Popular Crypto Wallets that Support Fetch.ai (FET)

Kindly sign up on the following international crypto platforms to trade this stable digital coin.

1 – Coinbase

Account users can trade FET tokens on Coinbase after observing the current trend. Further, the traders can use their debit card or a wire transfer to purchase more Fetch.ai coins at their discretion.

2 – Binance

Registered marketers can use their credit or debit cards to purchase Fetch.ai tokens on the respective section of their account. Alternatively, traders can use their Apple or Google Pay accounts to load more FET tokens.

3 – MetaMask

Traders can buy FET tokens to their MetaMask accounts through an online payment option. Similarly, customers can withdraw these coins to their bank accounts after making good sales.

Surprisingly, MetaMask supports rare cryptocurrencies, such as BNB chain, Ethereum and Avalanche.

4 – ByBit

ByBit allows local and international traders to acquire these tokens using credit or debit cards. Alternatively, the account holders can use Google or Apple Pay to purchase more FET tokens for investment purposes.

What’s FET’s Current Price?

Each FET token will currently cost USD 2.5 on most well-established cryptocurrency websites. Interestingly, analysts reveal that this is a 12.37 percent appreciation in under 24 hours.

Similarly, the 24-hour trading volume has ballooned to around USD 278M, implying that more traders are investing in this token.

FET 4-Hour Price Behavior-Resistance and Support Changes 2024

The chart below shows FET’s cost changes within a short period of 4 (four) hours.

Initially, FET’s price was at USD 1.9 but increased fast because of good bullish behavior triggered by the traders. However, the price dropped because of significant resistance in the market.

FET’s impressive price (USD 2.61) recovered soon after bridging this unfavorable hurdle.

Will FET Token’s Price Reach USD 5 Soon?

FET coin’s cost might surpass $5 if investors pile pressure on this popular token in the next few months. Usually, increased demand for this cryptocurrency will force the market to raise its price.

Crypto specialists say that the FET price is undergoing a natural corrective phase after slow growth since 2020.

What’s FET’s Supply on Major Crypto Platforms 2024?

Studies show that the maximum Fetch.ai supply on popular crypto wallets is nearly 1 billion. However, the demand might grow with time because less popular sites have added it to their platforms.

These cryptocurrency websites include:

  1. OKX
  2. KuCoin
  3. Kraken

Relative Strength Index’s Analysis of FET Cost 2024

Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows this token has an average reading of 66.20. Technically, this incredible reading insinuates that more traders are purchasing this cryptocurrency.

However, this index is a drop as the FET token surpassed this reading a few days ago. Therefore, it seems that the traders’ buying momentum has dwindled in the past 24 hours, resulting in the drop of the FET token’s value to USD 2.12.

Expected Fetch.ai (FET) Cost 2025

Here’s some good news for traders-FET will appreciate in 2025 because the interest for this token is on a steady rise. Consequently, the FET token price might exceed USD 10 before 2025 ends.

As a result, Fetch.ai’s market capability will equally shoot within the first 6 months (in 2025).

What’s FET’s Cost Forecast 2026?

FET enthusiasts should invest in these tokens between 2024 and 2026 because their value will drop afterward. Technically, Fetch.ai’s price will decrease from USD 10.50 to USD 8.60.

Fetch.ai Price Estimation 2027

Fortunately, the FET token’s price will strengthen in 2027, particularly in the second quarter of the same year. Cryptocurrency investors should anticipate the cost of each FET coin to rise to USD 13.

FET Token’s Cost Projection 2028

FET coin’s price might skyrocket to USD 28 due to the increased adoption of AI agents in the blockchain industry.

FET’s Expected Value 2029

Fetch.ai’s price improvement will slow down in 2029, so the price might rise to a new high of around USD 28.50.

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Forecast 2030

Blockchain specialists predict more investors will splash their billions on FET tokens by 2030. Consequently, the cost of each FET coin will soar to USD 42 or more if this exciting trend persists.

How will FET’s Value Fluctuate in 2050?

Fetch.ai (FET) price will soar throughout 2050 if new investors put their hard-earned money into this stablecoin. Therefore, traders should expect this token’s minimum price to be around USD 45 throughout 2050.

Conversely, this crypto coin’s mean price will shoot to USD 51.47 from USD 42.40 a decade before. Similarly, FET’s highest price might reach USD 60 on many major online cryptocurrency agencies.


Fetch.ai is the safest token for marketers because it is usually non-custodial. Further, the discussed price prediction proves that a FET token will be the best digital asset from 2024 onwards. As shown, FET prices will improve over the years to a new ATH of USD 42 on many crypto wallets like Binance and MetaMask.