Check Out The BOOK OF MEME (BOME) Prize analysis 2024-2030


Meme coin is a cryptocurrency category inspired by a comic trait or a meme. These coins have been popular due to their high volatility, making traders some quick money. Some meme coins are started as experimental projects, while others have utility. Many meme coins have launched under different networks, which include Solana and Ethereum. Our article will analyze one of the most recent meme coins called BOOK OF MEMES (BOME).

BOOK OF MEMES is a tentative project launched to redefine Web3 customs by merging memes and offering decentralized storage solutions. BOME is built on the Solana Blockchain and was launched in less than 48 hours. The meme coin operates on an initiative to promote a new aspect of decentralized social media and make unstoppable Memes.

BOOK OF MEME (BOME) Trading Data Provided By Market Cap 

Coin Rank¬†¬† –¬†¬†¬†¬† No. 111¬†

Market Cap   Р$ 668.98

Market Dominance ‚Äď 0.0273%

Circulation Supply ‚Äď 68.97 B BOME¬†

All-Time High Price – $ 0.028047147040974

All-Time Low Price – $ 0.000858015306692

Current Price (Time Of Writing) – $0.00969

BOME is listed on leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bitget, and other top tier-1 and tier-2 exchanges.

BOOK OF MEME (BOME) Fundamental And Technical Price Analysis

Since its launch, the coin has been a top performer in the crypto markets, recording a large gap between the highest and the lowest price. The past 24 hours have seen the coin surge downward by 19.97%. The decline may have resulted from many factors that affect the crypto space, like USA inflation news that was to be released this week.  

Despite the downward surge in prizes, this meme coin remains a promising coin in the future, and many crypto investors are still interested in the project. We did our technical analysis using different indicators and came up with the following results. 

Analysis Of BOME Using Different Technical Indicators 

Bollinger Bands Indicator 

Bollinger’s band indicator measures the relatively high and relatively low price of an asset compared to previous trades. Between June 10 and 11, the indicator displayed high volatility in the 4-hour timeframe. According to the Bollinger bands, the coin prize may rise to $0.01. The coin, at the moment of writing, is facing low volatility and has remained in a prize range of 0.00969 and 0.010200

Relative Strength Index Indicator

This indicator measures the speed and the change of price movements in a given period. This indicator has values from 0 to 100, where values above 70 mean the coin has been overbought, and values below 30 mean the coin has been oversold. 

At the writing time, the indicator shows a value of 49.53. This value indicates that there has been a selling pressure, and the value might soon be dropping to 30. If the value continues to fall, the possibility of price decreasing will increase.

MACD Indicator

This indicator measures momentum and finds entry and exit points in a trade. In the last 24 hours, the indicator has recorded a value of -0.000003. A negative value indicates that the coin is on a downtrend. If this downtrend continues, we might see a decrease in the price of the meme coin.

Money Flow Index Indicator 

This indicator uses price and volume to identify whether the asset has been overbought or undersold. In the last 24 hours, the indicator has recorded a value of 23.45. This value is due to the continuous downtrend in the asset’s price, which means that many investors are now selling the meme coin, and capital is outflowing from the BOME market. If the value continues dropping, the asset may continue to be oversold.

Resistance And Support Levels 

The Meme coin has faced a prize resistance at 0.01500 in the last 24 hours. If the coin breaks out through this prize, the movement can indicate a potential entry for a buy signal. The price of BOME has accumulated between 0.01500 and 0.009682. If the price continues on a downtrend and goes beyond the support price, that might decrease the cost of the coin.

¬†BOME prize is currently on a downtrend, with investors considering this period a chance to buy assets and hold for the future. The prize has been experiencing extremely high volatility that leads to divergence in prizes. While investors continue accumulating the token in their wallets, it is important to look at the future possibilities in the asset’s price. Accessing the development in the BOME project, we gathered data that enabled us to predict the future of this coin in the years to come.¬†

BOOK OF MEMES (BOME) Prize Prediction In The Coming Years 


Despite the current decline in the price of BOME, the asset is still subject to a potential pump before the end of the year. The coin’s prize may jump to $ 0.025 if the current downtrend shifts to an uptrend. If the downtrend continues, the Meme coin prize might fall to $0.01 at the end of the year.


BOME being a promising project, the prize may continue rising and reach new heights. The community behind this project will work towards the initial liquidity of the meme coin, leading to increased volatility. If this happens, then the price of BOME may rally to almost 0.10$ in 2025 


Due to the uptrend that might have occurred in the previous year, many investors might profit from their initial investment by selling the coin. The prize will forcefully take a downtrend shift due to the selling pressure from investors. At that point, the BOME prize might fall to a much lower price of around $0.015. The price might also surge to prices around $0.20


This year will be when Bitcoin halving will occur. The market is always on a bear cycle and might lack capital during this event. Depending on the amount of capital that will be in the market during the bear cycle, the prize of BOME might fall to a lower price of around $ 0.010


The year that follows a bear cycle is usually a year of recovery in the crypto markets. During 2028, capital will flow again in the crypto markets and might lead to potential gains in the prize of BOME. The price of the meme coin might rise back to $0.027 


The crypto market may have grown a lot before this year, and much capital will be flowing into the crypto market. The price of BOME may have risen to a new all-time high that will be around 0.40


Many Meme coins will have launched before this year, and the price of BOME will depend on the relevance of the crypto coin. Should other meme coins be more relevant than BOME, then the prize might fall to $0.15


The crypto markets are hard to predict over a long period. The Price of BOME will be hard to predict because many things can occur during the given time. However, we expect the prize of BOME to attain a maximum prize of $0.60 and a minimum prize of $0.25 


The project might be relevant this year if not affected by bearish forces. BOME might reach an all-time high price of 1$ this year.


Solana meme coins are considered safe projects built on a secure blockchain network. BOOK OF MEME, a Meme coin built on the Solana network, stands out as one of the safest projects in the crypto space. The coin might be a potential gem if it reaches a new high price and remains relevant in the crypto network.

Cryptocurrency investments can result in potential profit or loss, it is crucial to analyze the markets and choose the right cryptocurrency for investment. BOME is a promising project, but you should research it well before investing in the meme coin.