Internet Computer Price Prediction

In today’s world, it is the Internet that is the ultimate ruler of global connectivity. In the world, a huge flow of data happens daily on various servers, where the information exchange is all dependent on the integrity of the presented data. However, if the source is untrustworthy or data manipulated, the possibility of a wide-scale catastrophe becomes a reality.

Now, let’s explore the prediction for the prices of Internet Computer and their technical evaluation along with the possible predictions!

What is ICP Crypto?

The Internet Computer has been developed by the Dfinity Foundation, an organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create a network that is completely reliable in terms of security and storage. It stands as the pioneering blockchain technology capable of operating at web speed and delivering web content with limitless capacity.

Functioning as a utility token, Internet Computer (ICP) enables users to engage in and oversee the Internet Computer blockchain network. The primary aim of the Internet Computer protocol is to assist developers in building websites, enterprise IT systems, internet services, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications by deploying their code directly onto the public Internet.

Internet Computer (ICP): Technical Analysis

In 2022, the price of ICP fell significantly, even to the point of losing more than half of its value. From about $48, it is now on the $13.9. The current value of the coin on the market is $6,388,123,653 with a trading volume of 24-hour $181,648,301 and a circulating supply of 435,904,705 ICP.

A comparison of the current price to the ICP all-time high (ATH) shows a huge drop of 98.15%. The ATH was at $750.73. Last year was not an easy one for cryptocurrency as a whole and most tokens, including ICP, having a chance to reach their ATH levels would need some impulse.

At the moment, the resistance level of the Internet Computer currency is at the $15 mark, but this depends on the fluctuations in the market. At the moment, the Internet Computer ICP price is in the process of consolidating at the $11 mark and it has also been accompanied by a drop in the volume of trade in the crypto market. We can now delve into our speculations regarding the Internet Computer in the upcoming years.

ICP Coin Price Prediction 2024

Based on the ICP crypto prediction, the coin will have a range swing of $9.75 to $23.28, the minimum and maximum prices respectively. Moreover, it is projected that the average price of the ICP coin could be $16.515.

ICP Price Prediction 2025

According to our ICP coin price forecast, the asset is predicted to experience substantial growth throughout the year, with a greater range from $19.56 to $35.64. After a year, the coin is meant to have an average traded value of $27.8.

ICP Crypto Price Prediction 2026

According to our Internet Computer price forecast, the projected maximum price for ICP is $50.42. Meanwhile, in our ICP coin prediction for 2026, the anticipated minimum price is approximately $27.75, with an average price estimated at $18.99. Despite potential volatility, the risk might be mitigated as the ICP blockchain is expected to have significantly strengthened by 2026.

Internet Computer Coin Price Prediction 2027

As per our ICP price prediction, this coin’s future outlook seems to be quite promising. We believe the price band may range between $40.37 and $66.98 in 2027. In addition, the average price is estimated to be around $53.675, accompanied by an increase in market capitalization.

Internet Computer Crypto Prediction 2028

The ICP forecast of our price states that in the year 2028, the token is estimated to have the minimum and maximum prices of $82.21 and $101.57. Moreover, the estimated average price of the token is about $91.89. Investing at the current value could yield significant returns for investors.

ICP Token Price Estimation for 2029

Focusing on the technical analysis and the ICP prediction, the coin will be keeping an average of $118.455 during the whole year of 2029. The support and resistance levels of the ICP cryptocurrency are anticipated to move between $87.45 and $149.46.

ICP Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the price of the coin is expected to rise more than twofold to the current value which is $5.26. As per our 2030 ICP crypto price prediction, it is expected that the coin can reach a maximum value of $202.33 and a minimum value of $123.92. Furthermore, the mean price is approximated to be $163.125.

Is ICP a Good Investment in 2024?

Many technical indicators suggest that purchasing an Internet Computer in 2024 is a wise decision. But before buying ICP, it’s crucial to take into account both technical (price history) and fundamental (on-chain activity and development) factors.


ICP has a great future ahead with potential upward trends. But keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile so it is always advisable to research on your own before making any investment.

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