Price Predictions of Tellor (TRB) For the Next Decade (2030)


Off-chain data is inaccessible to blockchain-based applications, regardless of how frequently digital exchanges occur. With no additional risks, users can access off-chain data through Tellor, a decentralized cryptocurrency network. 

To provide real-time data to blockchain users, the network employs a hybrid consensus mechanism. So, how high can Tellor (TRB) go? We’ll look ahead to forecast Tellor’s price in 2025-2030. Here comes a comprehensive analysis of TRB’s potential, which unfolds the flight path of TRB’s value.

Demystifying Tellor

Tellor is a decentralized oracle network designed to integrate real-world data with the blockchain, a critical function for smart contracts that require dependable external information. Utilizing TRB tokens, miners are incentivized to retrieve and authenticate data from multiple sources, safeguarding data integrity through staking mechanisms and penalty enforcement.

Tellor’s core attributes include robust security measures and transparency within its decentralized architecture, mitigating failure risks while ensuring all data remains publicly verifiable. Ultimately, Tellor implies an essential bridge between real-world data and blockchain technology, enabling precise execution of smart contracts and fostering advancements in decentralized applications.

Assessing TRB: Current Market Dynamics

TRB has an all-time high (ATH) of $593.09, while TRB’s all-time low (ATL) of $0.01001379 was also recorded in 2019. According to the most recent market report, the TRB token’s price has grown marginally to $72.16, representing a 0.06% increase over the previous 24 hours. Concurrently, TRB’s trading volume increased by 53.91%, totaling $395,089,811. The upsurge in trading volume implies that investors are more interested in the TRB currency.

Price Analysis 

Tellor’s price in 2024 will depend on current price actions, with crypto whales quickly buying and selling. Despite a $5.5 million sell-off, $TRB’s momentum remains strong. Technical analysis suggests a potential breakout at $120, possibly reaching $240 before hitting resistance.

Bollinger Bands

The Bollinger Bands indicator indicates a notable disparity, suggesting increased market volatility. Usually, this suggests the possibility of significant price fluctuations in the near term. Currently, the TRB price is hovering close to the upper band of the Bollinger Bands, which is at 79.58, indicating a potential state of overbought conditions. Such positioning often heralds a reversal in price trends.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator places the TRB token’s current position at 4.88 above the signal line, residing in the green region. This positioning indicates an upward trend, hinting at a positive outlook in the upcoming period.¬†

However, accompanying this uptrend, there is a discernible decline observed in the magnitude of MACD histogram bars situated above the zero line. This decline suggests a waning bullish momentum for the TRB token, potentially indicating a proclamation in its upward trajectory.

Relative Strength Index

The TRB coin currently has a Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 65.04, indicating overboughtness. This placement stipulates a probable lessening of buying enthusiasm, which could signal a slump. The RSI’s downward trend specifies the possibility of a bearish trend in the TRB market. These elements, taken together, indicate that significant changes are on the way, and investors should be cautious.

Analyzing Resistance and Support Levels

A comprehensive examination of the TRB token’s resistance and support thresholds underscores its current pivotal juncture. Recent data suggests that the TRB token is on the verge of breaching the resistance barriers between $99.07 and $104.11. The TRB price may experience a notable surge, setting its sights on the subsequent formidable resistance threshold at approximately $157. Alternatively, if the resistance remains unbroken, TRB’s value could decrease, stabilizing around $47.40.

Predicting Tellor (TRB) Prices from 2024 to 2030


In 2025, we predict that the acceptance and regulation of crypto assets will boost Tellor (TRB) value. The minimum cost is expected to be $99.73, while our optimistic forecast places it at a high of $157.11. The average price is likely to be around $123.84. Further, this will result from the increased use of TRB in data verification within the blockchain industry.


TRB could hit new heights in 2026, with a high expected price of $189.24 and a low of $125.48.The average price estimate is $149.32, mostly driven by the blockchain market’s continuous expansion and maturity.


The correction phase is projected to begin in 2027, with the average price falling to $122.09 and the low at $101.68. However, it might potentially hit a high of $154.83. Further, this is normal for most markets following a period of rapid development.


Prices are marginally lower than in prior years as the transition phase lasts until 2028.

The TRB token could reach a high of $132.75, average $106.21, and drop as low as $85.93. Despite the adjustments, market sentiment has remained strong and bullish.


TRB is expected to recover from its mitigation years by 2029, owing to anticipated latest discoveries and advancements in blockchain technology. The average price should rise to $132.76, with the highest and lowest costs at $169.52 and $109.98, respectively.


TRB is expected to reach fresh gains by 2030, assuming current trends continue. We estimate a yearly high of $206.74 and a low of $134.31, for an average value of $162.57. Further, this rise can still attributed to ongoing breakthroughs in blockchain technology, rising acceptance, and regulatory certainty.


Forecasting Tellor’s (TRB) price for the next decade is challenging due to cryptocurrency market dynamics and numerous variables. Historical data and analysis offer some insight but aren’t foolproof predictors. Yet, Tellor’s role as a decentralized oracle network holds promise in meeting data needs across industries.¬†

Factors like blockchain adoption and DeFi growth may boost TRB’s value. However, investing in TRB carries risks like volatility and regulation. Caution, research, and portfolio diversification are essential. While predicting TRB’s exact trajectory is daunting, its innovative approach and potential to reshape oracles make it a compelling asset in blockchain and DeFi’s evolution.