Best Move To Earn Crypto

The newest thing on the market is move-to-earn (M2E) cryptocurrencies, which enable you to make real money by doing activities, exercising, or playing games. This new market tries to promote physical activity by providing cryptocurrency rewards.

This article covers the top cryptocurrency investments to make money from. We’ll examine the performance of each coin, analyze it, and give a summary of these M2E projects.

Analyzing the Best Move-to-Earn Crypto to Invest In

Analyzing a project’s use cases and future potential is often necessary when searching for the finest cryptocurrency projects in any given industry.

To give you a better idea of the best ways to make money, we’ll take a close look at some of the best investing options in the M2E crypto space but before that let’s find out how they work.

How do Move to Earn Games Work?

Right now, the same mechanism powers all move-to-earn games. Go on reading if you’re curious about how these apps work.

  • GPS and cellular signals are necessary for every move-to-earn game and app to track your moment. There’s a high chance you won’t receive the prizes if the app determines the signal strength is weak.
  • Many move-to-earn apps will not pay you anything until you make a one-time investment.
  • Typically, there is a maximum limit on how many people can sign up for the app in order to cause FOMO.

This is the current method used by move-to-earn apps to generate buzz in the industry. This idea began to take off when it was combined with Web3 and cryptocurrency.



The goal of the STEPN app is to make it easy for users to monitor their daily physical activity. Users of STEPN are rewarded for living active, healthy lives.

Because the cryptocurrency is “step-based,” users earn coins based on how many steps they take each day. The new method of earning rewards has been welcomed by the community, setting STEPN apart from other move-to-earn initiatives.

The range of tasks and missions offered on STEPN increases earning possibilities. There are many different activities that users may engage in to earn crypto, so they’re bound to discover something they enjoy.

Walking, jogging, cycling, and even performing housework can earn a user money. Users can earn extra rewards by completing challenges within the program.

On the exclusive gaming site STEPN, users can purchase NFT sneakers at different price points based on the footwear’ unique features, rarity, and other considerations. This is one of the most interesting NFT games accessible right now, with the potential to financially reward millions of individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.

2. Step App

step app

The new FitFi sector is formed by the Step App (FITFI) cryptocurrency project, which unites the fitness and financial sectors. Similar to STEPN, the Step program is an augmented reality fitness program that lets users complete fitness challenges with their metaverse avatars.

Sneaks, which are reusable NFTs, are purchased by players in order to track their in-game progress. Tokens obtained from jogging and walking can be exchanged for FITFI, the platform’s governance token.

KCAL tokens earned in-game can be redeemed on the platform to purchase Sneak NFTs. The Step App is special because it gives users reasons to work out and lets them play a brand-new, thrilling kind of game that mixes fitness with cryptocurrencies.

FitFi is a new market category created by the innovative Step App, which combines the domains of fitness, gaming, and cryptocurrency. The Step App’s augmented reality technology and captivating gameplay are poised to make it a major player in the cryptocurrency and wellness spaces.

3. Genopets


If you enjoy Pokemon Go, you will find playing Genopets to be interesting. Here, you’ll have to tend to and nurture the growth of your virtual pet. The more you walk around, the more powerful your virtual pet gets. Depending on how many jobs you finish each day, you will receive rewards.

The fact that Genopets is the first move-to-earn NFT game that doesn’t require any money is its strongest feature. You can customize your Genopet NFT and earn experience points by tracking your everyday activities.

4. Sweat Economy

sweat economy

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) encourages users to move in order to receive tangible benefits. SWEAT has become increasingly popular among people who appreciate physical activity and are health-conscious.

Users are awarded with SWEAT coins for their movements and steps throughout the day, which are tracked by the SWEAT app.

It’s no secret that SWEAT’s ability to motivate users with tangible rewards is one of its key selling features. Users can profit financially from their work by exchanging these rewards for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. This could be especially motivating for those who struggle to maintain their exercise regimens.

Anyone can start earning cryptocurrency rewards quickly and effortlessly due to SWEAT’s user-friendly design. It has a number of practical features and tools that simplify keeping track of your physical activity levels and accumulating SWEAT coins.

Additionally, the app gives users the chance to interact with people who have similar interests in fitness and wellness. Both iOS and Android users can download the app for free. This token’s increasing popularity may result in more listings on significant exchanges.

5. Walken

Through the Walken platform, a smartphone app, users can earn WLKN tokens by exercising and playing games. The app’s streamlined DeFi applications allow users to use this fungible governance and staking token to enhance their overall experience.

A user’s daily step count can be determined by the app by synchronizing data from Apple Healthkit and Android Health. In return for their steps, users can earn Gems, the app’s virtual currency.

Before engaging in combat and earning WLKN tokens, players must use Gems to level up their characters, or CAThletes. By using the app and remaining active, users can earn WLKN tokens. These tokens can then be used to buy or sell in-app game characters on NFT marketplaces.

The real strength of Walken lies in its direct integration with DeFi platforms, which encourages new cryptocurrency holders to start leading better lifestyles and earning more tokens.

Users can collaborate with friends or random users to create a scoreboard and boast about their successes on social media by utilizing the app’s social sharing feature. Furthermore, the token’s recent rise in popularity may enable it to get additional listings on prestigious exchanges in the future.


In the world of blockchain, there are a lot of activities related to physical fitness. The greatest method to combine cryptocurrency with fitness and get some more cash is through move-to-earn games. Thus, these applications will benefit both your wallet and your physical well-being.

M2E cryptocurrency is a very popular idea right now, and it’s growing. Now is the right time to follow the trend, earn extra cryptocurrency tokens, and keep up your physical and fitness levels.

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